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Get The Macanta Advantage. We offer business and service management consulting. With our knowledge, experience and expertise, we guide you on your transformational journey to become a more effective and successful organisation. A leading Australian ITSM training provider, we empower you to succeed through innovation, collaboration and support.

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  • New Year, New Skills?

    It is estimated that over the next few years the skills shortage in IT will grow considerably especially in Cyber Security and Project Management. Companies will need to recognise and fill the gaps in staff knowledge with agility and make sure they have the necessary professional qualifications to keep up with the h…

  • The Biggest BRM Challenge – Moving from Order Taker to Strategic Partner

    I recently held a Karen’s Conversations with Andie Kis in which we discussed how IT could market its value to the rest of the business. During this conversation, we digressed a little and started talking about the role of the Business Relationship Manager (BRM). You can watch the video here. The BRM Role I m…

  • Karen Wraps Up 2016 and Takes A Look At 2017

    2016 has been an interesting year with more talk about the disruption happening in both IT and IT service management. We Need OCM! There has been continued discussion around DevOps, Agile, Lean, SIAM, digital transformation and the relevance of ITIL® in these spaces. The purpose of this post is not to debate the…