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Get The Macanta Advantage. We offer business and service management consulting. With our knowledge, experience and expertise, we guide you on your transformational journey to become a more effective and successful organisation. A leading Australian ITSM training provider, we empower you to succeed through innovation, collaboration and support.

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  • How Do You Do Digital Transformation?

    Can digital transformation happen in organisations that are just not born that way? Some organisations are just born digital. The likes of Amazon, eBay and Australia’s REA Group come to mind. Nigel Dalton, CIO of REA Group, stated that they don’t have a digital strategy because it’s “all we do”. Thei…

  • eco-ITSM – How Do We Use It?

    Our approach is to align the eco-ITSM service with your vision, goals and objectives. We will work with you to determine your scope. I have a Green IT project. Why do I still need eco-ITSM? Your Green IT project(s) will most likely include data centre consolidation, virtualisation, recycling, data de-duplication,…

  • Karen’s Conversations #15 with Stephen Mann

    Watch Karen talking with Stephen Mann about what's happening with IT Service Management tools. View the video here.…