Xmas StressIt’s Christmas Eve here in Melbourne, Australia – and I have had some whimsical thoughts about Christmas parallels with ITSM. Yes – well it is the silly season.

For those who don’t celebrate Christmas please read the following nonsense as any major holiday celebration.



You have had 364 days to get ready for Christmas Day. But the flood of last minute shoppers at shopping centres around the world and spikes in online consumption indicates those 364 days of planning were not enough!

So it’s the same with projects (including ITSM). With all the time for planning needed, why do so many projects miss their deadline or scope is changed in order to meet the deadline? Poor planning? Scope creep? Poor project management? A lack of organisational change management? There are a myriad of reasons.

Take stock and look at past projects and the lessons learnt. Plan for the next one building on those lessons. Let 2015 be the year that your projects deliver the agreed outcomes, within budget and on schedule.



It’s shown on every advertisement break on TV. It’s all over the Internet. The latest gadget that you just MUST have for Christmas.

How many of those gadgets never live up to expectations i.e. you really didn’t need it – and they get left in the garage or the back of a kitchen cupboard?

So it’s the same with ITSM tools. It’s the latest thing to hit the market but do you really need it? Many organisations change their ITSM tools on a regular basis having blamed it for the failure of ITSM. The technology they replace it with is not that different and ITSM still doesn’t deliver outcomes. Poor processes will still be poor processes in the latest ITSM offering.



We spend a fortune, we stress out, we talk about it for months ahead, we run around like headless chickens, and then ….it’s all over. All that for one day! Often all that pre-work and effort doesn’t deliver on expectations. Sure we had a nice day but did it really live up to the over-hyped expectations?

Like the hype of Christmas we need to make sure when we promise our customers new and improved ways of working, that we manage their expectations. Yes we may be purchasing new ITSM tools but despite what the salesman stated, we are not going to implement every bell and whistle on day one. It may be coming but not right away. So it’s vitally important that with any initiative, we manage customer expectations so not to disappoint.



This is something we do well at this time of year. We get together with family and friends and celebrate the holiday season. We should so it more often.

It’s something we don’t do enough of in IT. We don’t celebrate enough. We don’t take time to say ‘a job well done” and celebrate successes and wins – however large or small.

This coming year take time to stop and celebrate with your staff and colleagues those things that were done well. It can be a real culture changer.


Finally, I wish all my readers a safe and joyful holiday season and a prosperous 2015.