What’s CSR Got To Do With IT?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been gaining traction from CEOs who see it as a new opportunity for growth and differentiation from the competition. It gives organisations permission to enter new markets and to attract and retain top talent. IT is pivotal in the organisations achievement of its CSR policy, objectives and targets. This paper explores what CSR is, why is it is so high on the CEO agenda and therefore the CIO agenda. It discusses how ITIL provides a framework for the CIO to address all aspects of CSR – social, economic and environmental.

93% of CEOs believe sustainability issues (i.e. CSR) will be crucial to the success of the future of their business (Accenture 2010). Therefore the pressure is on IT to deliver and ITSM has the answers.

Read the paper here What’s What’s CSR Got To Do With IT?

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