We Need to Talk About eco-ITSM – What is it?

What is it?reuse reduce recycle

eco-ITSM is an innovative and effective service offered by Macanta Consulting. It uses best practice IT Service Management to facilitate your sustainability objectives.

It assesses the sustainability of your Service Management processes across the lifecycle to minimise costs, reduce waste and reduce carbon emissions.

It provides a baseline from which to drive and measure improvements in sustainable processes. Recommendations are prioritised and quick wins identified. Assistance with the process improvement project is provided.

The assessment is automated therefore minimising the impact on your day-to-day operations. The assessment is a cloud-based simple and clean survey interface with a sophisticated statistical engine and role based surveys to ensure objective results.

The assessment consists of statements that enable an organisation to assess and measure sustainability maturity, which is then linked to a genuinely unique knowledge database of observations and recommendations. The recommendations are produced based on the unique outcomes of a set of surveys including comparisons between the different aspects that have been measured.

An organisational profile is conducted, as every organisation is different. This allows suitable weightings to be applied to both survey questions and metrics.

Survey results are presented using the service management process maturity framework (PMF) both at a process level and service lifecycle level.

An assessment report is produced that analyses sustainability practices across the process, functions and activities and provides:

    • Maturity scores
    • Sustainability gap analysis
    • Cross-dimensional observations
    • Comprehensive sustainability strategy plan

The results can be presented to key stakeholders in a workshop environment to get agreement on the findings and commitment to a service improvement plan.


Many businesses struggle to develop IT and business sustainability strategies that become embedded into the fabric of the organisation. Often that’s because IT tends to focus on technology alone. Sustainability practices also needed to be built into business and service management processes.

The eco-ITSM Assessment is designed to assess service management processes across the whole service lifecycle (using ITIL® Version 3 as a framework) and determine the level of sustainability that has been built into them.

Do all of your processes take a re-use, reduce, and recycle approach?

What will I get?

eco-ITSM will provide you with a lens on your existing (and to be) service management processes from a sustainability perspective.

It will show you how you can enhance your existing processes and build into your new or changing processes, sustainability across the whole of the service lifecycle.

An output of the eco-ITSM service is a detailed management report of recommendations, priorities and quick wins. It will provide you with a process improvement road map and a baseline from which to measure improvements.

Macanta can provide on-going support for your eco-ITSM journey if you wish us to.

Find out more at http://www.eco-itsm.com.au

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