ITSM Antipodean Podcast Episode 2


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Apparently we sound smooth and as if we know what we are talking about! Who would have thought?

Month in review:
Simone – HDAA community project in regional schools increasing the understanding of the reality of an IT career
Andrew – Heckled at itSMF NSW Q1 seminar and is reading IT Governance book
Interested in the future of IT such as the BYO policy at Suncorp.
Tristan – post earthquake recovery and on the move to Auckland.
itSMF Conference arrangements in progress for New Zealand – expecting BIG things.
Karen – attended itSMF Publications Workshop in Amsterdam – ITIL update brief – call for involvement in publications – 2011 white paper competition open

Social Media – Special Guest – Carol Skyring
Carol’s eCollboration journey
The state of social media in Australia – Nielson report
Australian companies concerned but jumping on board without a strategy or policy
Stop-think- before you Tweet!
Management of risk – Chrysler employee fired over Tweet
Service Desk support via Twitter & Digital mentoring at Deloitte
The next big thing – enterprise “YouTube” tools for video collaboration
Social media impact – students expelled and Zimbabwe man arrested
Nothing is private on the internet
Real-life twitter
Tapping collective intelligence
Twitter – social or communication network – a one or two way street
Carol’s recommendation for collaboration – WIKI

BOOBY of the month: CBA – Free money & Jetstar flight to nowhere – see, they do come in pairs!

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