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18/10/2010 1:53 PM

Doug Washburn @ Forrester

Which green IT technologies will you invest in and deploy?

Green IT is on the rise despite a volatile economy. Although only 26% of organizations have budget directly allocated to green IT, Forrester finds that green IT adoption is much higher, approaching 70% in areas of the data center and distributed IT.

To prioritize where IT leaders invest their time and money, I researched and published Forrester’s TechRadar on green IT last June. We cast a broad net, which evaluated 15 different hardware, software, and services that deliver environmental and financial benefits. For example, the technologies we evaluated ranged from thin clients and solid-state disk (hardware), to server virtualization and PC power management (software), to cloud computing and IT asset recycling (services).

I’m in the midst of refreshing the TechRadar on green IT and would greatly appreciate feedback from IT professionals and vendors alike. With than in mind…

Question: Into 2011, which green IT hardware, software and services will you invest in and deploy?

Thanks in advance for your time,


19/10/2010 2:15 AM

Karen Ferris in response to: Doug Washburn

Re: Which green IT technologies will you invest in and deploy?

Hi Doug,

I am not writing as an IT leader that is deciding on where to invest their time and money and I hope that is ok?

I am a Service Management consultant that has a passionate interest in Green IT. I would like to share what I hope for and not what the IT Leaders are doing at the moment.

IT is continuing to “react” to the Green IT challenge. We are cleaning up the Data Centres, Computer Rooms: – we are consolidating, virtualising, adopting thin client technology, putting in place power management / print management and so on. Oh yes… let’s not forget Cloud Computing.

Most of this is a knee jerk – reactive response(s) – to the need to reduce power consumption, cost and CO2 emissions.

Organisations need to start to look at workflow. This means the processes that will help avoid getting into the situation we are now experiencing

Effective and efficient processes such as Change Management, Release and Deployment Management and Service Asset & Configuration Management would avoid the waste that IT currently contributes to.

Of course, the technology solutions are important but….. industry researchers as yourselves quoted that data centres were running at 15% utilisation 5 or so years ago. Now, despite virtualisation, they are only running at 40% utilisation. Not an economic way to run a business nor an ecological way. The forementioned processes would avoid that situation.

I wont even start to mention Service Portfolio Management. INTEL reduced their applications by nearly 40%? Why did they have 40% duplication??

I wont take more of your space up here as I could wax lyrical on this subject. Check out my paper “How Green is Your ITIL?” at the link below that talks about how we can use Service Management processes to become more sustainable.

I hope this has added something to your discussion?



20/10/2010 6:30 AM

Doug Washburn @Karen_Ferris.

Thanks for your insightful response on #greenIT at Definitely a need for an ITIL/process approach.

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