Karen Wraps Up 2016 and Takes A Look At 2017

20172016 has been an interesting year with more talk about the disruption happening in both IT and IT service management.

We Need OCM!

There has been continued discussion around DevOps, Agile, Lean, SIAM, digital transformation and the relevance of ITIL® in these spaces. The purpose of this post is not to debate the relevance of ITIL but to say that in my opinion it is absolutely relevant and just needs to be adopted and adapted (as we have been saying since ITIL V1!) in these changing environments.

What we are not seeing is widespread recognition that these movements involve people changing the ways in which they work and the tools that they use and therefore organisational change management is key in making these transitions successful.

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ITIL Practitioner

2016 also saw the launch of the ITIL® Practitioner publication and certification. I was proud to be one of the six global architects that worked on it. I believe that ITIL® Practitioner fills a gap that was missing for too long in the IT service management space.


I was invited to present at the inaugural Business Relationship Management Institute conference – BRMCONNECT in Sydney – which was a great event. I am looking forward to the second conference in Melbourne next year.

The itSMF Australia conference was a resounding success with numbers up by 40%. This year was the ‘thinkers’ conference and not the ‘doers’ conference. I was an invited speaker this year and asked by the conference committee to talk about ITIL® Practitioner and was the only presenter speaking about ITIL!

The itSMF New Zealand conference became part of ITx, which is a collaboration of 12 tech-focused conferences and bodies and opened up ITSM to a totally new audience.

I presented at itSMF Norway and it was a great pleasure to connect in-person with industry colleagues whom I had only known previously via social media.


Macanta launched its new training website in August and our online training offerings have been really popular. The following graph shows which courses have been the most popular this year.


Karen’s Conversations

This year has also seen a flurry in Karen’s Conversations and I would like to thank the following for taking part in 2016: Andie Kis, Stephen Mann, Em Campbell-Pretty, Aaron Barnes, Kaimar Karu, Mark Smalley, Matt Hooper, Rob England, and Steve Hodgkinson.

I am looking forward to talking to Korrine Jones, Michi Tyson, Malini Jayaganesh and Aprill Allen in early 2017.


So what is in store for 2017? I think more of the same. More organisations will grapple with digital transformation, becoming more agile and trying to move towards a SIAM approach to managing their multiple suppliers.

I hope that there will be more focus on the customer experience. Even if internal customers (end-users) don’t directly pay for the IT services they consume, they need to be treated as customers. Their consumer-life experiences (outside of the organisation) and their expectations will, and should, pressure IT to deliver a better customer experience. Else, they will go elsewhere! All they need is a internet connection and a credit card!

This pressure will also affect other parts of the organisation that have touch-points with employees. This includes HR, facilities, security, legal etc. Enterprise service management or business service management, where service management processes and technology are used outside of IT, will help to deliver an improved customer experience. So I believe we will hear more about enterprise service management in 2017.

Macanta will be launching a new website in 2017 which we are very excited about. It will have a new brand, look and feel.

So, in closing, have a safe holiday season wherever you may be and a prosperous and healthy 2017.


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