ITSM Antipodean Podcast – Episode 6

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Month in review:

Andrew, Simone, Breed and Karen all agree that the highlight of the month was the itSMF New Zealand Conference. Tristan was dining out on the success of the conference.

Belated birthday wishes to Simone.

Is Chris Dancy the second coming or the messiah of social media?

Andrew goes analogue!

Karen is interviewed by the IT Skeptic. Read it here.

People and Social Media:

The team discusses the selected topic of people but soon becomes one people and social media.

Why is the “people” subject so prevalent at the moment?

As ITSM matures, the silent “P” (people) is becoming key for the success of ITSM.

ITSM Managers need to be equipped with the skills and capabilities to deal with the “people stuff”.  But they need to want to do it.

There is a different thing between a Manager and a Leader. Make sure we have the round pegs in the round holes. Provide coaching and mentoring for new and existing managers.

The evolution of managers – people management is no longer in the HR sanctum.

Problem Management is not shiny like the CMDB!

Results Outcome Work Environment (ROWE) – rewarding results not hours in the seat.

Social service management will make IT more human.

Australian corporates are behind the times in regards to using social media within IT. They are not eating their own cooking. The business is ahead of IT in the use of social media.

Social Media Policy – Department of Justice, Victoria video. Watch it here.

Deloittte’s have a digital mentoring programme. Gen Y mentor Baby Boomers!

At IBM it’s about losing control. Read more here.

The challenge is people! All of them are different and will respond differently. We can’t deal with this in a single fashion. We need to change individuals not organisations. See TED Talk – Derek Sivers – How to Start a Movement.

Identify champions and the guiding coalition. See John Kotter’s book “Our Iceberg is Melting

Breed shares her paper – Social Media – Is It Risky Business?

Innovation in organisations will thrive, die or depart based on management action. It takes COURAGE.

Manager tools podcasts that help. Find out about The Trinity here.

Kids build better spaghetti towers than adults!

ITSM and Angry Birds article demonstrates the “try and try again” approach.

The team discusses the presentations they have lined up for itSMF Australia Conference.

Booby(s) of the Month:

How to loose your job via social media – Cisco Fatty and Domino’s Pizza. Read more here.

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