ITSM Antipodean Podcast Episode 5 ~ Live from itSMF NZ 7th Annual Conference

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The ITSMAP crew (Karen, Breed, Tristan and Simone) broadcast live from the itSMF New Zealand 7th Annual Conference.

Breed pretends to be Andrew (who had to fly home) and thought the conference was warm and friendly.

Tristan – President itSMF NZ – is overwhelmed by the success of the conference. It doubled in delegate numbers since 2010  – small but perfectly formed.

The departure lounge concept is a great success.

Clever People Doing Clever Things was the theme of the conference and it certainly lived up to it.

Brett Roberts –Results Orientated Work Environment (ROWE) presentation was a big hit.

Rob England – the IT Skeptic – awarded the inaugural Service Management Champion award.  Rob reckons the conference had a real buzz and compares this conference with those on his recent conference tour.

The conference MC – Coach – finds new way of saying itSMFNZ but it was a good thing it wasn’t itSMFUK!

The conference content supported the fact that Service Management is more than just ITIL – it includes people, talent management, corporate social responsibility, communication etc.

Guests talk about their conference experiences:

Ivan Mason says his conference highlight was taking his shirt off on the stage! His biggest takeaway is that we are on a learning journey.

Lisa Gibson has had a great 2nd conference with lots of relevant content and the chance to share knowledge and experiences.

Mike Purcell reflects on where the NZ conference has come since its inception and why he is collaring Breed for her take on Talent Management.

Simone and Mike discuss the Service Catalogue workshop and the definition of service.

NZ conference 2012 is back in Wellington – so be there.


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