ITSM Antipodean Podcast – Episode 39


Month in Review

Lots of news and noise from Fusion13 in Nashville.

Karen invited to participate in Pink Think Tank at PINK14 in Las Vegas Feb 2014 along with names like Rob England, Troy DuMoulin, Charles Betz, David Cannon, Charles Araujo, James Finister and Rodrigo Flores. Jack Probst will facilitate what will be an interesting day discussing where ITIL and ITSM is heading!

Simone balancing work and personal life and had a chance to do more reading. Encourages people to look at Back2ITSM on Facebook and Google+. Simone participated in the inaugral itSMF UK Twitterchat, which was chaired by Kathryn Howard of itSMF NSW. Well done to itSMF Australia for leading the way on this use of social media channels.

Tristan working hard on itSMF NZ conference planning and call for papers is out. Tristan was at the international AGM and CLC in Taipei. Some incredibly passionate people out there (internationally).


Team discuss the value proposition for ITSM training for both the organisation and the individual.

Comparison of the structure of ITIL V2 training and ITIL V3 training.

Debate the benefits of classroom versus online training.

The timing of training is paramount.

The advantage of simulations (experiential training).

The ITSMAP – Episode 18 – with Mark Sutherland of G2G3.

The ITSMAP – Episode 4 – with Peter Doherty on qualifications and credentials.

The blog post the team disagrees with and so does the community on Back2ITSM on Facebook. Thanks to Sophie Danby for starting the discussion.

How to determine the ROI of training.

Picks of the Month

Peter Hepworth visiting Australia in December. There  will be a ½ day presentation and interactive workshop on 3rd December in Sydney and 4th December in Melbourne. Seats will be limited so watch out for the announcement and book early.

CIO magazine publishes Gerard Norsa’s article ‘New Approaches to IT Service Management’ reflecting his discussion with two CIOs at the itSMF VIC Q3 seminar.

Tristan’s pick – Safe Sniffing!

Booby(s) of the Month

Vatican misspells Jesus name.

Save me Jebus


The team will record Episode 40 on 27 November 2013.

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