ITSM Antipodean Podcast – Episode 38


Month in Review

While our eminently masterful leader Karen is unfortunately away, Tristan hosts this episode and in true ‘hollywood’ style took a few re-takes of the intro but got groovy after that! Knew we should have kept the recording for an ‘out-takes’ episode – oh well.

Rob –a good thing that the ‘eye candy fanatics’ drive Rob from Twitter & G+ with the release of Apple iphone5 so he can keep up with work.

Simone still reeling from the follow ups and great feedback on the ITSMFA LeadIT 2013 conference.

HDAA held its first member only webinar last week on Driving Performance – getting most out of your people presenting some new tactics and member case examples to improve initiatives. Simone enjoyed presenting some new material.

Tristan admonishes Simone for ignoring his Apple ‘fan boy’ advice however she’s soon to have the physical Apple Store experience!

Tristan is living the joy and frustrations of changed portfolios, now working with Finance and HR and on a new business service management project.

Lolly Shop Rambles

Tristan tries valiantly to control the conversation while we ramble from one topic to another and see what tasty ITSM treats we can eat.

Learning to move from time poor to motivation rich – Rob is a deadline guy but not averse to deleting calendar items while Tristan has earned his PHD in Procrastination. One of Tristan’s favourite quotes:“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” whereas Simone likes to practice the art of ‘No’ negotiation. Revisit our Drinking from the Fire Hose – Episode 16. Rob proposes instead of saying ‘No’ say ‘Slow’ to prevent overheating.

Are you a workaholic? We push ourselves too hard, both physically, mentally & emotionally we do get run down – you will crash and burn.  Interesting article about New Zealanders working for longer than OECD countries but less productive. We all know the theory of micro-breaks yet we do get in a flow.  Tristan recommends the book on finding your flow and your zone: “The Element” by Sir Ken Robinson. Do we take into account the affect not just personally but also on the business? The team debate flogging your staff – Tristan references Rob’s Customers not being your top priority and as a professed embittered ex-corporate, Rob finishes on The Dilbert Principle. Rob patiently helps Simone understand Agile vs SlowIT while she tries to make the quantum leap.

Rob gets the team onto exploring what the big deal is about ‘downtime’ using the Forrester blog on quantifying the impact of downtime. Especially the human behaviour where twitterverse goes into overdrive over something small as an hour’s outage on Gmail – ‘what’s the berserk panic about?’

What does speaking of Elks, Swifts, Swallows and metrics have in common? Nothing but Dan Kanehas great blogs, tells great stories like Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics. Simone opens this chat using his latest metrics blog about telling a compelling story. The way we use metrics and provide reports have missed the boat in telling a compelling story. ‘The data says…’ doesn’t pack the powerful punch to win your case.

With summer coming on Tristan’s getting buffed up enough to wear Budgie Smugglers by working on his diet using Earl Begley’s ITSM Diet so he doesn’t fall for the hype – evaluating, building the plan that works for you and change the plan if it no longer suits you.

Pick of the Month

Tristan loves the great spectacle and teamwork in the America’s Cup

Simone wants the IT Skeptic to deconstruct the America’s Cup using Agile vs DevOps vs Slow IT.

Booby(s) of the Month


Simone wonders why many people laughed at this when they are outraged by breast feeding in public.



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