ITSM Antipodean Podcast – Episode 35


Month in Review

Simone takes the host role while Karen away this episode & special guest crew filling in for Tristan (bacon & all).

Capita Joint Venture gets named Axelos or should it be ‘Sir Axelot’ joining Rob’s ITIL Castle! Read more here

We’re all looking forward to seeing the results of the recent Axelos workshop – even Pengi made an appearance – check out who couldn’t resist a cuddle.

Rob believes the Asiana crash in San Francisco and other air crashes can teach us much about Root Cause Analysis – agree with that one!

Citrix published a free booklet of Rob’s articles on Sensible Service Management 

Rob wondering where all the Chinese ITSM experts are in light of their biggest infrastructure build in history.

Simone in a peak period of training and consulting – a repeating pattern for the closing and opening of Financial Year period.

itSMFA & HDAA LeadIT conference only days away! Great registration deals still to be had through both these industry bodies.

IT gets a more positive look in at KM Australia 2013 Congress – fabulous presentation by Ezypay CTO, James King about their challenges, successes and lessons learned in sharing knowledge across IT. You can catch what happened on Storify here.

Aprill gearing up for launching some ITSM Marketing material balanced out with KM Congress activities.

Whistling Dixie!

Special guest – Aprill Allen

Rob declines to give a rendition but kicks off the conversation around the unrealistic rosy fantasising of the world of whistle blowing and what that means to ITSM.

Are they Heroes, traitors, Whistle-Blowers or Spies?

Ed Snowden activity raises questions about the battle between company and personal ethics. Other examples include Zimmerman.  More Snowden news here.

Rob’s older articles on Big Uncle vs. Big Brother still resonate. More here.

We get the government we deserve and an Orwellian one only rises up when the people let it.

Privacy rendered impossible by the “global village” so whether we should have it or not is academic.

Aprill shares her take about being hunted down. We no longer need the NSA to find us.

No secrets anymore! Employee data viewed, understanding who our influencers and nodes in the organisation are and issues of HR using candidates personal Facebook and Twitter IDs as opposed to only the professional skills they bring.

Aprill chats about concerns for those operating as the check & balance mechanism – risking their lives and credibility with zero protection.  Great example is Russel Crowe’s film, The Insider

IT workers at the forefront of how the lack of privacy is used and abused for our protection and we need to search our souls to what we do and don’t be a part of.

Are the ‘gates’ within IT realistic and allowing our people to be empowered as they need to be. ‘We’re not the inhibitor but the protector’

The cultural mind capture

“Trust = competency + character” Colonel Nate Allen quote from his work with the enterprise collaboration project for leaders within the US Army.

The crew struggles with the balance between personal ethics and various companies for whom you may do work and their personal experiences.

The HR and Leadership aspect within ITSM

Drawing the line between Trust vs. Law when you used to have access and it’s taken away.

The positive use of access gates and levels for IT Staff

Tumblr Obama reading your email

Picks of the Month

Aprill: Knowledge Centred Support (KCS) assessment and community resources without paying huge consulting dollars.

Simone: ITSM: The ITSM XX Perspectives on Google Plus Communities started by Farah Remtullawhere a number of IT woman are jumping in and discussing issues about our place in the ITSM world such as: Missing in Action: Women.

Booby(s) of the Month

Simone caught in Virgin Australia Outage causes ChaosTicketing Glitch but got to tweet with the Pilot!

Rob couldn’t stop tweeting about the earthquakes in New Zealand (After 40 years of quiet there have been 5 mega quakes on the Pacific Plate since 2000)

PayPal error: what if they never find how it happened

@Plexent You guys don’t seriously think you can trademark “Service Management Office” do you?

Rob nearly ‘pukes’ at a recent quote in a vendor brochure – it’s mesmorising!


Our next podcast is a “Special Interview with Peter Hepworth” accompanied by itSMFA’s Michael Billimoria on 15 August 2013.

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