ITSM Antipodean Podcast Episode 34


Month in Review

TFT13 was a resounding success. Amazing statistics collated by Chris Dancy. 76 million impressions following the live streaming. More than Knowledge13! Read all about TFT.

Breed’s discussion with Chris Dancy reveals many organisations are now trying to get on board with the TFT concept. TFT compared to TED!

Rob and Chris both presented at SDI and linked into the virtual conference.

Appointment of Capita Joint Venture CEO Peter Hepworth. Peter joins from Activision Blizzard.

Peter may be the next podcast guest. Watch this space!

Finding and Managing Our Talent

Special guest – Karen Gately

Karen is a passionate optimist with unwavering belief in the power of the human spirit. An author, speaker, advisor and educator in the fields of human performance and leadership Karen brings a fresh perspective to what it takes to be a successful manager of people. Advocating an approach focused on leveraging both talent and energy Karen shows leaders how to drive performance through inspiring, results-based leadership. Karen is the author of two books: The Corporate Dojo: driving extraordinary results through spirited people and The People Manager’s Toolkit (published by Wiley July 2013). She is a Director at RyanGately.

In one of the most comprehensive global surveys of corporate directors to date, HBR found that corporate directors identified talent management as their single greatest strategic challenge. Karen shares her thoughts. For many leaders tapping into their talent pool is not a core skill.

In IT we often promote people out of technical roles into people management roles without them necessarily having the leadership capabilities or being equipped with them.

A mindset shift is required. Success is not necessarily having people management responsibilities. People can have a major contribution to an organisation without management of people. A fundamental shift is required – there needs to be two career paths – technical guru and people leadership. The former may opt out of the latter. Today they can be forced into a career path with which they are not comfortable.

There are great examples of trail blazers who recognise that they are not people leaders and engage others to do that. Fred Luddy of ServiceNow is an example where he chose to be CTO rather than CEO.

We need to determine where we our heading – what is our vision and strategy – and then determine the talent we need to get there. Once we know what talent is needed we can determine if it exists within the organisation already.

Retention of talent comes down to engagement with the organisation.  Having a cultural environment built on a basis of trust and respect is a non-negotiable. People need to grow with the organisation.

Measure of contribution is how someone contributed to business objectives. Leaders need to join the dots.

In the survey ‘firing’ and ‘leveraging diversity’ were areas in which organisations failed dismally. Australia and New Zealand scored the lowest!

It’s easier to restructure rather than fire! Leaders need to step up to the mark and their managers need to provide the support required. Performance management should happen all the time.

There are born leaders but there are also people in the middle of the spectrum that can be taught to be highly effective. They do need the desire to lead people.

Beige performance – 50% of the world’s workforce – the’whatever’ workers. How do we get beyond the compliant contribution? How do we get people excited? How do we get beyond beige?

Karen’s books – The Corporate Dojo and People Manager’s Toolkit.

Picks of the Month

Linda King blog – Capita, G2G3 and NewCo – A View From the Inside


Booby(s) of the Month

ASIO hacking. Candy Crush!!! Breaking news – Australia has a new Prime Minister!


The team will record the Episode 35 on 24th July 2013.

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