ITSM Antipodean Podcast – Episode 33


Month in Review

Rob recalls a huge month. itSMF New Zealand conference went swimmingly. Joint venture between Capita and UK government was big news. Knowledge13 conference was held in Las Vegas.

Simone busy travelling according to Foursquare! Her presentation has been chosen for TFT13. Presenting alongside Kim Seely-Smith at itSMF NSW seminar.  Article in Best Management Practice eBulletin on the JV answers some questions. Skeptic has written a blog ‘A Bulletin from the Castle’. Aale Roos Back2ITSM discussion.

Karen spending time away from home in the nation’s capital.

Customer Satisfaction

Special guest – Dave O’Reardon. Dave is Managing Director of SilverSix – an Australian management consultancy that helps IT departments measure and improve internal customer satisfaction with IT. Dave has worked in IT for 20 years, working for blue chip organisations such as IBM and Accenture in the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific. Dave has spent most of the last decade consulting to IT teams who want to measurably improve customer satisfaction with IT. With an honours degree in IT and psychology, Dave is known for his passion for bridging the gap between IT and the business.

The biggest mistake organisations make around customer satisfaction is not trying to glean the information in the first place. 20% of IT departments are not surveying or measuring customer satisfaction and another 20% do it so infrequently for it not to be very valuable. Often organisations think they know.

There is a difference between customer satisfaction and user satisfaction.

Dave has a degree in psychology.

Encourage people to respond to surveys by doing something with the results. You have to use what you learn to improve things. Need to close the loop. Need to communicate. Reward people with action.

As well as the 6 monthly surveys there are the transactional surveys on closure of incidents and requests etc. IT can call and respond to user perceptions immediately.

A challenge is to resource the feedback. You have to choose what you do with the information gathered.  Small actions can have massive impact.

Complaints are gold!! Compliments are good too!

In 2012 Dave won the best white paper award from itSMF Australia, which talked about Net Promoter Score (NPS).

NPS is a method for identifying unhappy customers (detractors) and converting them into happy customers (promoters). It provides a bench-mark customer satisfaction score and clear improvement actions.

NPS is typically 2-3 questions. Dave’s 3rd question which is ‘What is the one thing we could do better / improve next time?’. This is invaluable information.

The initial question will vary depending on whether the customer / user has a choice in their use of IT.

Like any initiative it needs leadership from the top. Communication to IT is crucial.

At iiNet everyone person in the organisation is measured by NPS. It has only been done because it has had absolute leadership from the top.

People have to believe that the measure is fair.

NPS comes from business to consumer background initially – Rackspace, ANZ, Westpac, Facebook, Suncorp, and Harley Davidson all use NPS. Getting more traction in IT.

One company Dave worked with took their NPS from +10 (a Toyota score) to +60 (a BMW score). There was no change in operating costs e.g. resource increase, new tools etc.

Providing good customer service should be linked to business productivity. It is just unfortunate that there are no robust measures for IT. Dave can be contacted at if anyone wants to assist him with some research.

Decide what your goals are for the use of NPS. Get internal stakeholder support for the use of NPS. Get the communications plan in place – before first survey and after first survey.

More information on NPS can be obtained from Dave’s winning white paper. Download it here. There is also more in-depth information in the publication ‘The Ultimate Question 2.0’ by Fred Reichheld.

It is free to use but you have to recognise use of the trademark if you write about it as the trademark is owned by Bain & Company.

When using any survey method you need a good sample size and then you should segment your data for analysis (e.g. by source). And make sure it is not the only dial on the dashboard.

Picks of the Month

Simone’s pick – Julia Baker from Expand Group blog – in last 12 months women in ICT occupations have dropped from 131000 to 91500 – Julia has written about recruitment and retention of women in IT.

Publication of Standard and Case by Rob England.

Booby(s) of the Month

Gov.UK and their guide to IT development and operations that only mentions ITIL once. Read Rob’s blog here.

Telstra records found online. Gizmodo report.


The team will record the Episode 34 on 26th June 2013.

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