ITSM Antipodean Podcast – Episode 31

Month in Review

  • itSMFnz Conference coming up
  • David Cannon moving to Forrester
  • itSMF Sweden panel discussion
  • Shift Attivio web panel on knowledge management
Special Guest – Gene Kim
  • was CTO at Tripwire
  • Visible Ops Handbook 
  • discovered ITSM via itSMF in early 2000s
  • aha moment with DevOps working with AOL

Book: The Phoenix Project 

Modelled on The Goal by Eli Goldratt 
DevOps starting on the hype curve that ITIL has been through
Correlation of top performance with DevOps: Puppetlabs paper
But does DevOps work in legacy environments?  Working with Charles Betz to capture the DevOps enterprise case studies: unicorns and horses.
Cultural change
The Three Ways Principles Underpinning DevOps
The DevOps Cookbook coming in late 2013!  Draft reviewers invited.
Pick of the Month
Rob’s pick: watch the TV show Hotel Impossible: Anthony Melchiorri, the consummate consultant
Gene’s pick: Sam Guckenheimer, @samguckenheimer Group Product Planner for Visual Studio at Microsoft
Tristan’s Pick: Brother’s Beer in Auckland.
Booby of the Month
The spreadsheet blooper that undermined national austerity policies
The team will record Episode 32 direct from the floor of the itSMF NZ Conference.
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