ITSM Antipodean Podcast – Episode 27


Festive Roundup

The team share their highlights and lowlights of 2012.

Rob has some people starting to use Standard + Case, which is great news.

Conferences play a large part for all the team including:

itSMF New Zealand and itSMF Australia


ISACA for Rob

Everyone has been struggling with “drinking from the fire hose”. With all the conferences – physical and virtual – drinking from the fire hose is becoming even harder.

The team plans to get around to listening to all the TFT12 presentations as soon as they have some ‘free’ time.

Karen was thrilled to hear the team from Emory University (Mark Kawasaki and Farah Remtulla) refer to Balanced Diversity on their TFT12 presentation. Karen got emotional again!

TFT12 gave us all the chance to hear people from around the world.

Both Simone and Tristan have been a part of the “ITSM Weekly Podcast – Top of the World” this year and Rob and Karen must be next up!

The team discussed their favourite podcasts from 2012.

Tristan’s favourite were “Drinking from the Fire Hose” and the podcast about RFPs – “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”.

Simone’s favourite was the podcast with Andrew Sauter – “Incidents, Problems and Chaos” as well as “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. She also liked the episode “Game On” with Mark Sutherland from G2G3.

We all love the ‘live’ recordings from the Australian and New Zealand conferences – especially as there always seems to be champagne involved.

 Breed does an excellent job of ushering guests in and out of the “live sessions” ensuring they only have their 2 minutes of fame!

Karen’s highlight was the interview with Fred Luddy. It was a coup especially as the team was approached by Servicenow to have Fred on the podcast.

Rob mentions another podcast that is his favourite – Practitioner Radio.

Predictions for 2013

Rob has chatted to the IT Swami. BYOD will be even more mainstream in 2013.

Simone would like to see Service Catalogue issues resolved once and for all and a focus on its simplicity. Tristan reckons it wont happen because we have been fighting it for too long. Rob reckons that the vendors are not going to help!

The team discusses the social media channels being used by ITSM professionals and whether eventually they all end up like LinkedIn groups whether they are on Facebook or Google+. Rob predicts by the end of 2013, the Facebook page – Back2ITSM – will have degenerated into a chat group. People will move on to the Google+ group – Back2ITSM – but eventually the same will happen.

It is the people who add the value to social media channels not the tools.

2013 Events

HDAA Workshops March 2013. Houston We Have A Problem with Andrew Sauter.

itSMF New Zealand 2013 Conference. 6-8 May 2013. Pullman Hotel, Auckland.

TFT13. 18 June 2013. 24 speakers in 24 hours across the globe.

 itSMF Australia 2013 LEADIT Conference. 7-9 August 2013. National Convention Centre, Canberra.

Oceania CACS at Adelaide Convention Centre on September 23-27th 2013.

Pick of the Month

 Rob picks the presentation from Janne Horhonen, EDS called BPM – Systemic Perspective.

Tristan picks a non-ITSM related pick, which is The Bugle with John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman.

Booby(s) of the Month

Tristan picks the Starbucks twitter campaign in the UK.

Rob picks the National Rifle Association hiding its Facebook page to avoid hosting flame wars following the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Simone picks the HM Revenue and Customs in UK with over 50,000 calls a day not being answered and those that did get through had to wait an average of 4 minutes to speak to a call centre operator.


The team will record the Episode 28 on 23rd January 2013.

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