ITSM Antipodean Podcast Episode 21



Month in review
Tristan has got a new job. Congratulations.
Karen will be speaking at Greeninfotechsummit in Peach Tree City, GA.

The itSMF 2012 Conference
Guest Kathryn Howard tells the team what to expect from this year’s Australian conference. It will be bigger than Ben Hur!
Guest Chris Dancy says ‘hands-down’ this is one of the best conferences globally.
Chris says, “The ‘stuff’ at this conference will raise you as a knowledge worker, professional and human being”.
Kathryn describes the depth of the content and how the conference caters for everyone at all levels in the industry.
The team debate the need for a 101 stream at conferences now that much of that content may be available online.
A series of Twitter Chats are being held in the run up to the conference. Just log on to Twitter at 8pm AEST and follow the hashtag #LEADIT. The chats are with keynote speakers including Karen on August 8th.
This year for the first time the conference has an App so you can build your agenda, connect with people, read profiles and provide feedback etc.
Chris suggests ways in which the conference could go even further to becoming ‘green’.
Chris tells us what we can expect from his keynote at this year’s conference. He describes how he created his first keynote for last year’s conference by accumulating data on Evernote. This year he will be talking about reputation and influence.
His presentation will talk about reputation metrics from big data, knowledge lockers and digital quantified self. He has already started on his speaker proposal for 2013!
Tristan is struggling to manage his ‘digital self’ and Chris says that Tristan needs to attend the pre-conference workshop that Chris is running.
Chris is breaking out his Michael Jackson glove for the Hard Rock night. Tristan will come at Tito! Chris wants to see Kathryn dressed up as Oliva Newton-John in Grease.

The Future of Social Media
Chris describes the emerging framework he is studying called the ‘Jobs-to-be-Done’ framework and microwork. He talks about Mechanical Turk and location based work via apps such as Workaroundme, Task Rabbit etc.
Merge location and big data and apps such as Just Landed which tells you how long you need to travel to the airport to collect the person arriving based on flight path, traffic patterns and location.
Google just launched Google Now, which is a contextual app. As you leave the house it can provide you traffic information or as you approach lunch time it can recommend restaurants and then when you get there tell you what the popular dishes are.
These things will change the way in which we work and deliver support.
The talent will go where the talent feels comfortable so organisations have to get onboard and embrace the now and the future.
It is all about continual service improvement – it will happen regardless of what you try to do about it. Things will get better whether you like it or not!
The device is no longer the issue. There are cloud-based services / apps that allow you to sync what you do at home and work to your home device(s).
The team discusses the future of conferences with the advent of the planned 24-hour virtual conference that Chris has initiated. Conferences are not dead. What is dead is sharing ideas that are dead!
The 24-hour virtual conference will start at on December 6th 8am in Auckland and progress with presentations from around the world via Google hangout whilst being recorded to YouTube. The presentations will be chosen by crowd-sourcing. The call for presentations will be announced on 1st August.
Chris provides the team with some amazing statistics about the podcasts. The podcasts combined have had 20 CEOs, 25 CIOs, 31 industry analysts, 51 different sponsors, 61 ITIL authors and ITSM pioneers, and have been syndicated to over 37,000 listeners. All the shows back-to-back would be 3 months of continual sound.
Karen asks Chris about any memorable moments from all the podcasts he has done.
Chris gives some insights to his proposed topics for the 2013 conference.

Conference Details

Booby(s) of the Month
The San Diego firework display for July 4th went off 5 minutes early and lasted 30 seconds when a failure in technology ignited all the fireworks at once.

Pick of the Month

The Future Today. 24-hour virtual conference.
The team will record Episode 22 on August 21 from the floor of the itSMF Australia conference.

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