ITSM Antipodean Podcast ~ Episode 20



Month in review

Tristan and Karen discuss the successful itSMF New Zealand conference.

Listen to the podcast from the departure lounge at the conference.

Happy Birthday Simone!

How To Survive Your Conference and Get Your ROI

Tristan and Karen talk about what to do before, during and after the conference. Andrew joins us as we are talking about the ‘during’ activities.

BEFORE: Rest, prepare, set objectives, plan the agenda, make contact, join in the conversation on forums, and check out the dress code. If there is a group of you split up and attend different sessions (if you can) to gather as much knowledge as possible. Check out previews from speakers such as whitepapers and presentation slides. Connect with other attendees. Boost your system with vitamins! Get there the night before to enable a fresh and early start. Don’t forget your business cards.

DURING: Register and check out the agenda. Update your pocket agenda. Confirm your sessions. Do reconnaissance and get to know the venue. Wear comfy shoes as you could be doing a lot of working between sessions and you wont be able to dance at night! Takes notes or record the audio of the session. Get a good position in the room. Support your presenters. Involve your team back in the workplace through Twitter, email updates etc. but don’t get extracted by it. Get some downtime for yourself. Pace yourself in the social activities! Make the effort to meet people. Try and meet presenters before they present. Exchange business cards so you can keep in touch. Talk to the vendors – they wont do a hard sell – but they do make the conference happen. You can unsubscribe from their emails later.

AFTER: Keep in touch. Check your notes. Download presentations. Follow up on that ‘pinky’ promise and implement some of the ideas you had at the conference for improvements back in the workplace. Get your business case ready for the next conference by making improvements based on the last one. Be prepared to present on your achievements at the next conference. Take time to reflect. Share the knowledge.

Conference Details


Booby(s) of the Month

Royal Bank of Scotland suffered huge backlog of payments after software upgrade.

Pick of the Month

The addition of the Nordic podcast. Welcome to the ‘Top of the World’ team of Daniel, Aale, Michael and Brian.


The team will record Episode 21 on July 25th with special guest Chris Dancy.

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