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Month in review

Tristan, Simone and Andrew discuss the past months highlights and lowlights while Karen travels the world again, attending the ITSMF International Publications forum in Warsaw. However, she does send her apologies.

Tristan provided a bit of a low down on the Warsaw event and reminds us about our Podcast Episode 3 with our guest Kirstie Magowan, Chief Editor ITSMF Publications.

Simone had to refer back to her calendar to remember where she’s been, loves her admin team and spent a lot of time on Knowledge Management, surveys. A personal highlight was finalising her upcoming sojourn to France, chocolate and other things.

Tristan in about 30 seconds, presents at least 10 new podcast topics like racing to ‘Find the Time’ and chasing ideas on motivation, leadership, lack of management and basic Customer service. He’s putting his presentation together for the itSMFNZ June conference. The Conference Program is out, and they have established the Facebook group ITSMFNZ.

Andrew found his month interesting, besides riding 100km, he’s very happy he’s had his LeadIT12 speaking gig confirmed. He spent more time kicking around Back2ITSM and Klout and putting his talk synopsis up onto Back2ITSM to experiment with feedback.

Conference Details


New Zealand

The team discusses RFPs – Requests for Proposals – or is that Pain? – The good, the bad and the ugly!

Andrew practices his Pod-master skills and wants the whip for Tristan & Simone while they run loose on RFPs & IT Boobies!

RFPs seem to be a painful experience

A tin of worms opens up just by dropping in an extra statement

Overloading the RFP’s with excessive requirements – it’s out of control

Can we streamline the process without cutting corners?

Confusing RFP’s, RFQ’s & RFI’s and the observation that people are not taught how to write them!

Involving the right people and engaging them at the right time.

How about applying ITIL’s CSI philosophy to writing RFP’s?

Why, why oh why! – Articulating drivers, ambition and motivation

Electronic reading vs. facilitated discussion

RFP tennis or murder ball!

‘Bottom’ or ‘Best’ dollar and strategy sharing

Ascertaining capability and validation

Active sponsorship

Negotiating power

Shiny Syndrome – the Magic button & silver bullet solution

BAU vs. Project work quandary – don’t state ‘Minimal Exposure to our staff’, ask for advice on what levels of participation will be required of your organisation

Some RFP Links to help:
And Tristan did his homework:

Of course Dilbert has a view on RFP’s as well and doesn’t the old Classic swing-tree diagram explain many things?!

Team Tips (Amazing Summary!)

Start with the end in mind – get people into a room and facilitate a discussion about ‘What we need to achieve’.
Relationships are important – work out if you can work together.
Look at a ‘Constraints’ based approach – ‘Constraints Cause Creativity’.
Think beyond the Shiny Stuff – go beyond technology and process, go into organisational considerations.
Minimising customer effort – think of your involvement, what you need to do to change, coach or advise?
Visible and Active Sponsorship – the sponsor should review to make sure their vision and objectives are contained.
Pick of the Month

Andrew:BaseCamp – a Great Collaborative tool to manage projects with, get your team out of the inbox.
Tristan: OmniFocus – A great tool to support the idea of ‘Getting Things Done’.
Simone: Tipu Talk – more great material from Rob England – is there ever a podcast where we don’t mention the IT Skeptic?

Booby(s) of the Month

One of the banks again, and not an Australian one, or was it? Payroll takes a pounding – back pocket booby hurts! And a whole new topic comes out of HR and the legacy system knowledge gap:

See the two articles:




The team will record Episode 18 on 23 May 2012.

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