ITSM Antipodean Podcast ~ Episode 16

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Month in review

Tristan, Simone, Andrew and Karen discuss the past months highlights and lowlights.

Tristan turns 40! Tristan and Andrew are frustrated with the RFI/RFP process and it should definitely be a subject of a future podcast. Good things happening with itSMF NZ.

‘Enjoying Your Working Life’ seminars a great success for HDAA. Simone sad to miss out on Aprill Allen’s presentation at the NSW itSMF seminar but Andrew was there and it was a great success. Follow April on Twitter @aprillallen.

Andrew getting great feedback from an organisation implementing his recommendations.

itSMF NZ and AU will offer assistance to anyone who wants to present. There is coaching and mentoring available.

Karen’s top ten tips on giving presentations available here.

Karen reflects on the Pink12 Conference and the recent itSMF Sweden Conference in Stockholm.

The team discusses ‘Hot Sources of Information’ and ‘How to Drink from the Fire Hose’.

Andrew’s highly recommended book is ‘Eight Things We Hate About IT’.

Tristan doing his ICT research and networking with his peers at the pub – “A Few Quiet Yarns”.

Back2ITSM is the place to be but not as a lurker!

Can we avoid Back2ITSM going the same way as the Linkedin forums?

Other sources include HBR, itSMFA Bulletins, itSMFNZ newsletters, At Your Service, CIO Magazine.

Use Twitter to see what others are reading. Follow people when you really want to know what they are saying. Everything else should be put in ‘lists’. This helps ‘drink from the fire hose’.

Evernote and Instapaper are good tools for filtering and saving to read later and recording ideas. Social bookmarking can be done with Delicious.

Integrate your online tools with ‘If This Then That’ and SMAK.

Team discuss hash tag usage and social media etiquette. Follow the team on Twitter @karen_ferris / @TristanNZ / @simonejomoore / @ajfriar.

Conference Details


New Zealand

Booby(s) of the Month

Be careful when you download from the internet that you get what you intended! Kazakhstan’s glorious anthem mishap.


The team will record Episode 17 on 26 April 2012.

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