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Month in review

Simone, Tristan and Karen discuss the past months highlights and lowlights.

Tristan attended Fusion USA Conference and itSMF AGM and returned to Christchurch for the first time since the earthquake.

Simone met Danish royalty on their visit to Sydney. Simone how holds DPSM credential for priSM.

Karen attended the itSMF UK Conference and held her book in her hand – Balanced Diversity: A Portfolio Approach to Organizational Change – for the first time! Sales were good. Copies available from your local itSMF book store. ISBN: 9780117080607.

The Team discuss Green IT / ICT Sustainability with special guest Alison Rowe.

Alison is the Global Executive Director for Sustainability at Fujitsu.

Alison discusses the key findings from the Fujitsu Global Benchmark Report 2011.

2010 report looked at Australia, India, USA and UK. 2011 added China, Canada and New Zealand. 2011 results have gone backwards. 2010 overall average IT sustainability index was 56.4 (out of 100) and in 2011 54.3.

Low percentage of IT visibility of power bill. In Australia less than 1% have energy in the IT budget. There is direct correlation between performance of organisations and accountability for / visibility of energy consumption.

Up to 80% of financial organisations energy bill is from ICT. Others are similarly high.

Sustainability initiatives are not being given the priority that is needed.

The quick wins or “low-hanging fruit” have grown back. Initiatives have not been institutionalized through embodiment in process.

It is important to focus on the entire lifecycle of IT assets and the supply chain.

Organisations need to look at sustainability from a strategic perspective and value creation.

There are not enough big sticks or levers (i.e. carrots) to make organisations move through the levels of maturity. Maybe the carrot should be a kumquat.

Canada (60.3) is the leading country in the survey followed by UK and USA. Australia and New Zealand are in the middle of the pack.

The leading industry overall is the IT, Media and Communications industry.

Energy needs to become a strategic asset and managed on a day-to-day basis.

Alison believes that if utilities and IT industries come together we can drive the sustainability agenda. This will require investment into smart grids and utilities.

Hoping for an Australian / New Zealand average score of 65-70 in a few years time. There is one company in USA who scored 97 out of a hundred in 2011 and has set a leading example. We also need to look at what has not worked rather than just what has worked well.

The barbeque conversation needs to change. Sustainability needs to be embedded into the organisational culture.

It’s not just a top-down approach. In Fujitsu they developed “green teams” that have a budget to spend on sustainability initiatives. These can then be replicated across sites. This year they had “green awards” for initiatives both at work and home. Submissions from staff were overwhelming. Alison shared a classic example from the New Zealand team. A staff member had a farm with a pig called Dorothy and food scraps from the kitchen went to feed Dorothy and the piglets. It is about making it “real”.

IT Service Management can assist by embedding sustainability into processes. The processes are already there and just need refining.

Listener Competition

We need a different term for “Green IT” in order to sell the sustainability agenda. Listener should send their ideas to by 10 December 2011. The best response will receive a $50 iTunes Gift Certificate.

HDAA ICT Sustainability Workshop Details

Canberra – Hotel Realm Wed 30 November

Brisbane – Emporium Hotel Thur 1 December

Melbourne – Marriott Hotel Thur 8 December

Sydney – Novotel Rockford Fri 9 December

Booby(s) of the Month

Qantas takes the biscuit this month by making a hash of its tweet campaign.


The team will record Episode 13 on December 14.

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