ITSM Antipodean Podcast ~ Episode 12 and a Bit!

Prognostication From Tomorrow – ITSM WEEKLY ANTIPODEAN PODCAST EPISODE 12.5 by ITSMWeekly

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The Team Reflect on 2011 & Look Forward to 2012

Highlights for the Month

Simone’s highlight for the month was the round of sustainability workshops that Karen did for HDAA and attending first Geek Girl event in Sydney.

Tristan’s month has been a blur!

Highlights of 2011

Establishment of the ITSMAP crew

Meeting Chris Dancy

itSMF NZ Conference

itSMF AU Conference and the wine tour

Kepner Fourie course

Surviving a year

Inaugral podcast was on 23rd February 2011 – the day after the Christchurch earthquake – magnitude 6.3

Karen’s book – Balanced Diversity and itSMF webinar

Scratch and sniff ITSM book

Get Published – Listen to Chief Editor itSMF Publishing on podcast episode 4

Andrew is doing a book review for itSMF AU on Balanced Diversity

Favourite podcast of 2011

2011 saw 13 episodes – 5 special guests – 2 live broadcasts from conference floor in AU and NZ

Favorites include the live broadcasts and special guests

Fujitsu global sustainability benchmark

Predictions for 2012

Continue to talk about organisational / cultural change

End of management – Gary Hamel


Outsourcing is in

End of the inbox

Company ditches email

Confluence for collaboration

Mastering gamification

Gamification by design – Gabe Zichermann

Forbes 2012 women in technology

2012 Events

itSMF New Zealand Conference June 12-14 2012 – Mac’s Function Centre, Wellington

itSMF Australia Conference August 20-23 2012 – Gold Coast Convention Centre

Enjoy Your Working Life – HDAA event – with Richard Wentworth Ping

Booby(s) of the Month

Faulty Royal Mail website over charges customers

Booby of the Year

Qantas due to their hashtag #qantasluxury disaster. Karen’s recent experience shows that they are still not quite getting it right despite trying very hard!


The team will record Episode 14 on January 25 2012.  This will be our show looking at predictions for 2012 with special guest Rob England aka The IT Skeptic and IT Swami.

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