ITSM Antipodean Podcast Episode 1

ITSM Weekly The Podcast Antipodean (Episode 1) from ServiceSphere on Vimeo.

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Introducing your ITSMAP hosts.

Simone Moore – from the army to pay TV and now HDAA.

Andrew Friar – no grey hairs despite 24+ years in I.T. and now finding himself!

Tristan Boot – calling from Christchurch, NZ – the day following the 6.3 magnitude earthquake – shaken but ready to discuss DR and ITSCM on later podcasts.

IT survives disasters and social media comes into its own.

Karen Ferris – happy to be a true blue Aussie.

How we got here and why? Thanks to Mr. Chris Dancy.

Call for ideas for topics and guests. Email:

The hosts reflect on 2010.

Social media. Twitter is a like drinking from a fire hydrant! LinkedIn outage goes unnoticed by the team.

Does Virgin Australia have a blame culture?

Using social media for IT support.

Facebook – personal or professional?

Our children’s future – do we know what that is?

Cloud is outsourcing with a flavour of risk? Is it a nebulous concept?

itSMF USA Conference – where the twitterati meet!

itSMF New Zealand Conference – small but passionate.

itSMF Australia Conference – WA here we come.

Organisational change involves people and that is why it is hard. They squeal too!

Yogi Bear is really the IT Skeptic (or is it vice versa).

Free ITIL. Free ITIL. Free ITIL.

What’s in store for 2011?

ITIL qualifications versus credentials.

The ITSMAP team to podcast from the itSMF NZ Conference in Wellington.

Schools need to better IT education.

BOOBY OF THE MONTH: for advertising vacations in Christchurch with pictures of the cathedral before the earthquake – posted after the earthquake had occurred.

Conference Details:

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