Book Review – LEAD I.T.


LEAD I.T. – Moving From Technical Leader to People Leader

ISBN: 978-0-9925583-0-7


Sharron Spratt


Anyone looking to embark on a leadership role within I.T. or already on the journey.


This book explores how you get technically brilliant people to shift their mindset to one of people leader without taking an entire career to get it right.

It looks at how you can inspire loyalty in a team of I.T. or engineering staff so that they will perform above and beyond to achieve your company goals.

This book takes a unique approach to exploring these challenges and much more by tapping in to motorcycling wisdom from the ‘On Yer Bike’ leadership development program.

The book covers:

  • Gearing up to Lead – What does motorcycling have to offer you?
  • Starting right – choosing your destination and route
  • Setting the throttle – getting to know your team
  • Communicate – keeping connected on the journey
  • Team performance – riding smooth and fast
  • Turbo charging – maximising your personal effectiveness
  • Gathering your pit crew – getting support where and when you need it
  • Message from your Boss
  • Rear view – looking back on you journey


All levels.

Karen’s Comment:

I love this book. I wish I had this book in my library when I started out into a people leader role all those years ago.

It is an easy read but that doesn’t take away from the depth and breadth of content contained within 170 pages.

Each chapter has a similar structure – again making the read a pleasant one. Each chapter includes a key aspect to master if you want to grow your skills; why it is important not to skip this if you want to be a great leader; practical tools to apply; examples of how other managers have used this strategy / skill with their teams; and suggested actions to implement to get you started.

Sharron Spratt’s extensive experience as both a motorcyclist and corporate leadership trainer brings a totally new approach that I believe can fast track leadership development…and you don’t need to be a motorcycle rider to benefit from the book.

Not only would I recommend this book to those entering a leadership role but would also encourage managers who are moving people into leadership roles to furnish them with this book to help them on their journey.

The book is available on Kindle.

Rating: 5 stars out of 5

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