Macanta Consulting was formed in 2009, by experts in business and service management and organisational change management.

Our aim is to provide organisations with a unique range of services based on our vast experience and knowledge.

The result is a powerful combination of talent that can give organisations the ability to make their business efficient, effective and moreover successful.

Macanta works with organisations through an approach of collaboration and cooperation. It is the relationship between your organisation and Macanta that will bring your initiative to fruition, whether it is business transformation through:

• organisational change;

• service management improvement;

• service management training;

• sustainability improvement;

• quality improvement; or

• strategy generation.

It is Macanta’s driving principle that your success is our testimonial.


Macanta’s purpose is to be a trusted partner who consistently exceeds client expectations in achieving business transformation, by understanding their business and using our shared knowledge and experience to deliver excellence in business and service management.


Integrity • Respect • Trust • Support
Collaboration • Empowerment


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Karen Ferris

Karen Ferris

Your business is changing. I can help you lead the change.

Do you need a recognised thought leader?

Do you need someone who was acknowledged with a lifetime achievement award for contribution to the industry?

Do you want someone who is sought after as an international keynote speaker because of their insights and extensive experience?

Do you want an acclaimed author and someone who has helped set industry best practice?

Do you want someone who has pushed the boundaries of best practice?

Do you need someone who can ensure that your initiatives are a success due to their in-depth organisational change management (people transition) capability?

Do you want someone who is enthusiastic, self-motivated and results focussed?

YOU DO! Then you have come to the right place.

I am all of those things!

What else can I tell you?

I’m an LFC and Elvis fan. I love dining out and going to the movies. I live with my partner in a very funky suburb of Melbourne, Australia. I’m an arctophile (Google it!)
You don’t want to know all that? OK, let’s move on.

I have worked across a breath of industries including agriculture, education, import/export, finance, government, healthcare, ICT/technology, mining, retail and utilities. I would love to include you.

I have extensive experience and proven capability in building service and process improvement strategies and plans to enable small, medium and large scale organisations to deliver commercial results to their internal clients and external customers thus ensuring that business objectives are achieved.

My strengths include:

• Managing the process design and improvement cycle from strategy generation, analysis, opportunity identification, and development through to implementation and continual service improvement
• Negotiating and influencing to realise strategic objectives by being alert to new ideas, engaging and agreeing team direction and goals
• Complex problem solving by taking a strategic view combined with a tactical and practical approach that delivers business value
• Driving organisational change and acceptance of new ways of working through strong leadership, coaching and mentoring, clear communication and planning
• Understanding business drivers for change and moving the organisational culture from a technology focus to a service focus

Give me a call – I‘d like to help YOU too.

Breed Barrett

Breed Barrett

Breed loves people, and it shows. She is an excellent rapport builder, and her empathy is a great asset to Macanta – she relates very well to her peers, customers, and community stakeholders.

Having 16 years experience in IT Service Management, Breed likes to keep pace with the changes and disruptions that are occurring in the industry. She embraces these changes and ensures that Macanta remains at the forefront of thought leadership in Service Management.

Service Management Soup – this is how Breed describes all the facets of our ever-changing industry – her belief is that if you embrace all of these facets, you don’t end up throwing the baby out with the bath water! Always keep what is good, what works, and always be open to the shiny new things (some of which are great!) that keep popping up. By keeping an open mind Breed ensures that Macanta does not take a slide into irrelevance.

Breed’s extensive business experience both outside of the service management industry and within the running of Macanta has allowed her to develop a concise understanding of all aspects of the “service management soup”. She can demonstrate the value that it brings to customers and stakeholders.

Breed has driven and delivered successful ‘People and Culture’ strategies to support business’ strategic, tactical and operational objectives. This is where she shines – encouraging and enthusing others to come on the change journey. “Stay relevant!“ “Know your stuff!” “Be prepared to be impressed with innovation!” These are her catch cries. And she does practice what she preaches – every day.

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