Macanta Turns 9!

To celebrate our anniversary, here is the Macanta story.

The idea that inspired Macanta was our deep desire to deliver a unique experience to our customers.  The meaning of Macanta inspires this unique experience. According to the book “Celtic Flame” by Aedh Rua, Macanta is an old word meaning “the quality of a son” It refers to the gentleness, kindness, and guilelessness that noble-class Irish children were expected to learn.  As an adjective, to be macanta is to be gentle, kind, and willing to learn, from the low as well as the high.

What this means for our customers is that we focus entirely on what their desired outcomes are and empower them to achieve it.  We deliver our services in a manner that is personal and respectful. We recognise that while we are providing our expertise, we are also learning from our customers.  Every engagement enhances us for the next one.

From the inception of Macanta, we have been open to adapting to the changing needs of the market.  For this reason we partnered with ITSM Zone to deliver excellent online training to our customer base.  Macanta Trainingoffers an opportunity for our customers to benefit from a vast range of professional development opportunities for their people.  In addition, it provides a great opportunity for service management practitioners to personally curate their professional development in preparation for their next career move.

We have delivered our services for organisations of all shapes and sizes, and know that wherever we find ourselves, the true meaning of Macanta is never lost, either on our customers or us. It is always about the people!

And while Macanta and Macanta Training are still going strong, we are yet again recognising our need to expand and evolve – hence the thought leadership practice – simply called Karen Ferris. As co-founder of Macanta Consulting and Macanta Training, Karen is now spreading her wings to utilise her organisational change management expertise and help organisations transform into responsive, adaptable, fluid and future-proof entities. She is enabling them to thrive in today’s complex and unpredictable times, which are subject to relentless change.   It is all about making your people the engineers of this future, where everyone leads!  This has been a passion of Karen’s since she originally authored “Balanced Diversity” in 2011 – a best selling book in the service management space.  She is currently working hard on her second book, so watch this space.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information on any of the above.  It’s as easy as calling Breed Barrett on 0406 662 278, or emailing, or


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