Macanta Training Newsletter #3

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Training Newsletter #3 – August 22nd 2016

Welcome to the Macanta Training Newsletter. We would like to continue sharing with you an overview of some of our new training offerings. We are hoping this will be helpful as you navigate your journey to becoming a skilled professional with qualifications that are in demand, not just now, but into the future.

Featured Course: Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM)

How many organisations have tried to implement service management best practice frameworks like ITIL, only to find it resulted in long projects, expensive consultants, creation of masses of documentation, without achieving a change in behaviours? The project is deemed a failure. Sound familiar?

Perhaps an alternative to the traditional project management approach is needed such as Agile. As described by

“The Agile approaches helps teams to respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences and empirical feedback”.

So break the work up into small chunks, prioritise the most important processes, set a target date and work towards that. Rinse and repeat! Scrum is a popular way of introducing Agile as it is simple and flexible.

Scrum is a framework for incremental development using one or more cross-functional teams and uses fixed length iterations called Sprints – typically 1-2 weeks long. The Scrum team strive to build a fully tested process increment every iteration.

Want to know more?

Macanta Consulting now offers Agile Service Management fully accredited online training in the form of the Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM).

Agile Service Management (ASM) applies agile thinking to IT service management. Processes are designed and released incrementally, allowing the organisation to adapt to new ways of working. Feedback is used to improve the next process increment.

The ASM training covers roles, artifacts and events for ASM, and will help you to successfully implement ‘just enough’ service management in your organisation.

ASM training is suitable for delegates with Agile, DevOps or ITIL backgrounds. For ITIL Experts, this course is ideal to help you apply your service management knowledge and deliver value in your organisation. Macanta’s ASM training is accredited by the DevOps Institute.

The Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM) course provides an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the agile service management (ASM) approach.

You will learn why ASM is being used by organisations to provide ‘just enough’ service management process and control to deliver value. Studying the ASM roles, artifacts and events will help you to apply ASM in your own organizations.

The course contents include 13 lessons covering an introduction to ASM and its relationship with Scrum, Scrum and ASM roles, Scrum and ASM events, Scrum and ASM artifacts, and how to get started.

It includes videos, quizzes, exercises and a sample exam. You can study over 90 or 150 days, where you want and when you want.

Special Offer

Macanta is proud to offer the CASM Foundation online training course. During the month of August 2016, Macanta is offering a 30% discount off all their training courses including CASM. Use the promotional code launch16 on checkout.   Checkout the training courses at

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