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Training Newsletter #2 – August 12th 2016

Welcome to the Macanta Training Newsletter. We would like to continue sharing with you an overview of some of our new training offerings. We are hoping this will be helpful as you navigate your journey to becoming a skilled professional with qualifications that are in demand, not just now, but into the future.

Featured Courses: Resilia

We are hearing more and more about cyber-attacks in the news and the devastating impact it can have on an organisation – not only financially – but also on an organisation’s reputation and customer confidence. This month it was reported that a hacker stole over 100,000 internal documents, including many with personal health information on patients, from an Ohio-based health system. (Source)

As it is people that detect and protect an organization from a cyber attack, and not the organisation, it is vital that people know how to react and act, respond and recover effectively from an attack.

With this in mind, AXELOS has developed RESLIA™. RESILIA is a framework of best practice and is supported by a certification scheme to assist in the development of cyber resilience skills across the organisation. RESILIA has been designed to highlight the importance of strategies and controls that respond and recover from attack and is aimed at IT, risk and business professionals, who need a greater understanding of cyber resilience as part of their existing responsibilities and strategies, rather than other frameworks that specifically target the security professionals.

Stuart Rance at Optimal Service Management and co-author of RESILIA told Macanta Consulting:

“Information security and cyber resilience were becoming more important to the organisations that used AXELOS best practice to inform their management system. Existing guidance was largely aimed at cyber resilience experts and was not very accessible to everyone else involved in managing IT services. We wanted to create a new approach based on integrating cyber resilience into an existing IT service management (ITSM) system, rather than splitting it off into it’s own separate world.

“RESILIA is a great way to engage everyone that needs to be involved, rather than just leaving cyber resilience to the IT security team. It takes a management system approach, and integrates really well with ITIL®, so if you have ITSM that is already based on ITIL this can help IT staff know how they should be contributing. RESILIA can also help you to get the balance right; between people, processes and technology; between preventing, detecting and correcting security breaches; between managing risks and taking opportunities; between getting everything right and relying on continual improvement.”

There are two levels of certification within the RESILIA framework.

RESILIA Foundation takes you through a lifecycle approach to organisational cyber resilience, from creating a strategy aligned to business objectives through to operational cyber resilience activities. The course is suitable for anyone who needs an awareness of how to protect an organisation’s information assets, as well as how to recover from a cyber breach. It covers an introduction to cyber resilience, the cyber resilience lifecycle from strategy to improvement, plus cyber resilience roles.

RESILIA Practitioner builds on knowledge acquired during the RESILIA Foundation training and challenges you to apply and adapt cyber resilience best practice.  It covers the cyber resilience lifecycle, from strategy through to continual improvement and is built around a case study.

There is also a supporting publication – Cyber Resilience Best Practices.

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