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Training Newsletter #1 – August 5th 2016

Welcome to the Macanta Training Newsletter. We would like to share with you over the coming weeks an overview of some of our new training offerings. We are hoping this will be helpful as you navigate your journey to becoming a skilled professional with qualifications that are in demand, not just now, but into the future.

Featured course: DevOps

Many organisations are turning to DevOps as a path to faster more agile delivery of products and services.

DevOps is not a framework, but rather a movement or cultural change that brings together IT operations and software developers in an atmosphere of collaboration, communication and integration. It removes the silos that have traditional existed with these groups and allows the organisation to deliver products and IT services faster with many more iterations.

As more and more organisations are demanding faster service delivery, they cannot wait 6 weeks or even 6 months for a monolithic release. They need a much faster and frequent deployment in order to increase the time to market. The DevOps approach along with associated automation not only increases deployment frequency but also with lower risk and faster time to recover.

All sizes and types of organisations are adopting DevOps and they need their employees to understand the concepts behind DevOps and the cultural change that is needed. DevOps training will be vital to the success of the adoption.

New internationally accredited DevOps training brings on-demand learning to Australian IT professionals with responsive user interface.

Macanta now offers the DevOps Institute accredited DevOps Foundation online training course aimed at helping IT professionals expand their career options. The course includes 13 lessons, exercises, quizzes and an exam and can be completed over the course of 30 or 60 days at any time suited to the student.

It is accredited by the DevOps institute and brings on-demand learning to IT professionals with a responsive user interface provided by Macanta partner ITSM Zone.

Macanta Consulting co-founder Karen Ferris says the DevOps course is delivered though a modern interface, which is a refreshing change for how IT training is typically delivered.

“We’re excited to be able to deliver an internationally accredited DevOps training course with a modern, responsive interface which can deliver the course to students at times suitable for them,” Ferris says.

“The training is backed by a 24 hour help desk and most queries are answered in around 15 to 20 minutes.”

There are no prerequisites for the course; however, it is well suited to IT professionals with an interest in IT service management, project management and running innovation programs.

The course material covers the three main things that comprise DevOps as a concept, including managing process flow and delivering outcomes quicker, feedback and continual improvement and learning from and taking calculated risks.

“The course also covers the organisational change that will be needed to move to a DevOps culture, which is often the most important aspect of adopting DevOps,” Ferris says, adding the automation requirements are also covered.

During the month of August 2016, Macanta is offering a 30% discount off all their training courses including DevOps Foundation. Use the promotional code launch16 on checkout.

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Happy reading from team Macanta.
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