TFT14 – IT Service Management Monopoly

The third groundbreaking conference – TFT14 – ‘Tomorrow’s IT Service Future Today – takes place on 18th February 2014.

TFT, Tomorrow’s Future Today, is the world’s first 24-hour, global, follow-the-sun virtual conference. It has a size and level of innovation that has never been seen before.

Speakers are selected by their peers and elevated to a global stage overnight.

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TFT unites knowledge workers, turning them into a global network of influencers, organizations and consumers.

The following is my proposal to take part in TFT14.

This presentation was keynote at itSMF Australia 2013 and despite being a subject talked and written about many times, it was a resounding success. Comments received included “I wish I had seen your presentation 12 months ago before we selected our tool” and “We are now rethinking our approach to tool selection”.

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ITSM Monopoly – Dont Make Tool Selection A Game of Chance


MonopolyThis presentation highlights the fact that many organisations approach ITSM tool selection like a game of Monopoly. This is evident by the number of organisations that replace a technology within 2-3 years of purchase. How many times are they going to keep passing GO only to find that each time they do, they end up in jail with no ‘get out of jail free’ card?

It aims to save organisations time and money by ensuring that (1) when considering tool replacement they make sure they really need a different tool and (2) when a new tool really is required, they undertake the necessary pre-work to ensure that the selected tool meets the current and future needs of the business.

The journey of many organisations is illustrated by a game of Monopoly. They start at on the GO square will little or no preparation and are faced with a plethora of available tools to choose from, just like the mass of properties on the Monopoly board. They have no idea how to play the game and how to make sure they shop on the ‘right’ side of the street. The possibilities are that following their tool selection they will land on ‘chance’ and turn over a card that requests integration with an existing CRM tool only to discover that the ITSM tool does not have that capability. Or they discover that due to heavy customization the upgrade path to the next version of the tool is going to cost nearly as much as the initial purchase and implementation cost! They do not consult the ‘community chest’ and listen to what the analysts, the industry and their peers are saying about the available technologies.

Selecting an ITSM tool should not be a roll of the dice. This presentation will equip the audience with the steps that need to be taken to ensure that the right tool for the right price, that meets the needs of the business, is selected. This is of benefit to both the buyer and the vendor. The buyer gets a return on the investment in technology and a stable environment in which to drive continual service improvement. The vendor does not have their tool dispatched in a couple of years after purchase purely because the organization had not specified their requirements.

Given that this is a recurring theme in the ITSM industry, it is time to change the approach. It’s time to be a game winner not a loser. It’s time to stop trading one tool for another. This presentation is the ‘get out of jail free’ card. Next time you pass GO you WILL collect the money.

You can read the white paper supporting this presentation here.

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Karen Ferris Bio

Karen FerrisKaren Ferris is an internationally acclaimed speaker with a reputation for providing both strategic and practical advice and insights for organisations in their implementation and maintenance of efficient and effective Service Management. Karen has the ability to share her experience and knowledge with every audience, and individual within that audience, so everyone is empowered with the ability to make a difference within their organisation.

Karen has beendelivering presentations since 1999 and has been acclaimed as “inspiring”, “thought provoking”, “insightful”, and “providing practical and useable guidance”.

She has worked as a Service Management practitioner, trainer, consultant and manager since 1994 and has assisted organisations across a breadth and range of industries in their service management initiatives.

Awarded the inaugural Service Management Champion accolade by the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) Australia in 2007, she was also awarded the Presidents Prize for best speaker at the Australian National Conference in 2005.

She holds many accreditations including ITIL® Expert (Version 3) and ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant and is a Fellow of priSM (Professional Recognition for IT Service Management).  She is also accredited in Prosci® for organisational change management. Karen is a Director on the itSMF Australia National Board with the portfolio of publications. In 2011, Karen authored the acclaimed itSMF publication ‘Balanced Diversity – A Portfolio Approach to Organisational Change’ introducing a new and innovative framework for ensuring that service management changes become embedded into the fabric of the organisation.

She is also the creator of the world first eco-ITSM® service that uses service management best practice to improve the sustainability of ICT.

She was a contributing author to the 2010 itSMF publication “Greening Service Management” and has been contributing to service management publications since 2000. Other contributions include Service Management Global Best Practice (2007); Implementing Metrics for IT Service Management (2007); IT Service Management – A Pocket Guide (2007); Continual Service Improvement (2007); Service Operation (2007); Service Agreements – A Management Guide (2006); Frameworks for IT Management (2006); Six Sigma for IT Management (2006).

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