ITIL V3 Foundation Course Training Roadmap

A delegate at a recent itSMF Australia seminar approached Karen to say how useful the ITIL V3 Foundation training course roadmap she had created, had been for their internal training.

Karen developed this roadmap whilst delivering training for ALC and the roadmap has been licensed to ALC for use on their training courses. Karen has continued to maintain it as ITIL evolves.

Its origins came from Karen’s training approach which was to dynamically create and post an A1 sheet for each stage of the ITIL lifecycle, as the course progressed. ┬áThe processes within each stage were listed and the inputs and outputs between stages captured. Each A1 sheet was set side-by-side on the wall of the training room, for a lifecycle view.

Students commented how this really helped them to understand the flow between each stage of the lifecycle and remember where each of the processes primarily fell within the lifecycle.

This led Karen to develop a comprehensive illustrative roadmap for ITIL Foundation students.

The ITIL V3 2011 version is freely available to you here: ITIL Foundation Roadmap.

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