Macanta and Engaged Consulting Announce Partnership

Macanta Consulting – business and service management experts – is proud to announce a partnership with Engaged Consulting – a premier consulting and advisory firm.

The partnership enables Engaged Consulting to deliver the eco-ITSM service developed by Macanta ( The eco-ITSM service is a world first and assists organizations in addressing the increasing demand and pressure for more sustainable IT through their service management processes. It not only supports the need for IT to address the needs of the organization’s corporate social responsibility but will also reduce cost, reduce risk, increase productivity and competitive advantage.

Macanta Consulting was formed in 2009 and their aim is to provide organisations with a unique range of services based on their vast experience and knowledge.  The result is a powerful combination of talent that can give organisations the ability to make their business efficient, effective and moreover successful.

Breed Lewis, Director at Macanta, said: “This partnership is a significant step for Macanta Consulting and Engaged Consulting in terms of forging a mutually beneficial relationship through eco-ITSM.”

Engaged Consulting, Inc.  is a premier provider of advisory and technical consulting services that focuses on the area where Service Management, Personal/Organization Development, and Data Center/Technology initiatives converge.

Ken Gonzalez, President, Engaged Consulting said: “From the start of our discussions, it was clear that both organizations are passionate about sustainability and the role that IT can play in that. We believe that this partnership will help us accelerate the process of helping our customers get an accurate picture of their current state capability and better target areas for improvement. We are very proud of the partnership with Macanta and of what we might be able to accomplish together.”

For more information on Macanta or eco-ITSM please contact Breed Lewis at, or Karen Ferris at


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