News on the ITIL Update

In March 2011, Macanta Director Karen Ferris, in her role of itSMF Australia Director – Publications Portfolio, attended an international workshop for itSMF publications.

At this workshop, TSO (in conjunction with OGC and APMG), presented on the ITIL update. The presentation was delivered by Emily Egle – ITIL Team Manager, Janine Eves – Senior Supplier and Jessica Barry – Project Assurance, Examinations.

In this post, Karen has provided a summary of the presentation for your information.

ITIL Version 3 was published in 2007 and since then users from around the world have provided feedback for the programme of continual improvement. The analysis of this feedback, together with views passed on to OGC, TSO and APMG from trainers and users, led to the ITIL Change Advisory Board (CAB) and OGC agreeing that the usefulness and effectiveness of ITIL would be improved by updating version 3.

OGC and the CAB defined the scope of the updates to be a part of the project. The project is being managed by TSO on behalf of the OGC. In 2009 the Mandate (project requirements) for the update was published and a call for participants issued.

The team was selected in 2009/2010 and comprised the project board, technical advisor, mentors and authoring team and the reviewer group.

There are two key messages:

  • The ITIL Update project will update content to make the guidance more usable
  • The project will NOT produce a new version of ITIL, but rather the next edition, as part of the normal OGC cyclical update process.

With a new edition, the framework itself remains largely unchanged.

The aims of the update include:

1) Resolve any errors or inconsistencies in the text and diagrams, both in content and presentation.
2) Improve the publications by addressing issues raised in the Change Control Log, as analysed and recommended by the CAB. These are largely to do with clarity, consistency, correctness and completeness.
3) Address suggestions for change made by the training community to make ITIL easier to teach.
4) Review the Service Strategy publication.

The following outcomes are desired from the ITIL update project:

  • An updated edition of the ITIL framework, so that the publications:
    • are easier to read and understand
    • relate more clearly to one another have anomalies corrected
  • The updated edition in the required specialist products including new books and revised complementary products
  • Handover to APMG Group – The Accreditor – to update qualifications
  • Translations of Glossary and Core publications

The scope and FAQs for the update were made public in February 2010 and are available at:

It has also been translated into Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish which are available here:

In scope of the ITIL Update:

  • Clarifying concepts, roles and responsibilities
  • Ensuring consitent presentation of processes
  • Standardise glossary definitions and their use in text
  • Improve accessibility of Service Strategy

Out of scope for the ITIL Update:

  • Any changes that would invalidate current use of ITIL, either in adoption or certification

Two public reviews of the updated publications have taken place – August/September 2010 and December 2010/January 2011.

Some of the changes in the Update include:

  • Role descriptions
  • Examples
  • Improved and reorganised metrics (CSFs and KPIs)
  • Examples based on current trends
  • Updated glossary
  • Consistent book chapter structure
  • Lifecycle inputs and outputs
  • More process flow or activity diagrams
  • Enhanced function descriptions

A “Summary of Changes” will be free to download upon publication, informing the community of the changes that have been made, This will not be possible for Service Strategy because of the nature of the update to this title. Instead, a different briefing document will be made available.

The updated core text will be available to everyone with an active online subscription, at no additional cost.

The current status (as of March 2011) was that the final drafts of the 5 updated core books have been submitted to TSO and they are currently in copy edit. The final draft of the glossary and the Introduction was due to be submitted to TSO a few weeks following the workshop.

There is no date as yet for the final publication release.

Further information is available at:

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