Corporate Training

  • ITIL for Your Organisation

    Wisom-iconSelecting the right training for your IT staff can be a daunting process. By choosing ITIL you can be confident that you are opting for a tried and tested option, which will offer many benefits to the organisation. ITIL is the most widely adopted approach for IT Service Management. Providing a framework of best practices, ITIL encourages a professional method to the management of your IT services. This enables organizations to deliver the promised services and continually ensure they are meeting business goals and delivering benefits.

    By training staff and adopting ITIL, companies will see improvements to IT services, reduction to costs, improved productivity and customer satisfaction. By ensuring that a whole team or department has the same training, employees are working towards the same goal and resistance to any changes in working practice or procedure is minimised. Not to mention increased job satisfaction of employees who will appreciate the investment in training for them!

  • Macanta and IT Training Zone

    wisdomWe specialise in the global delivery of fully accredited online ITIL training and have a proven track record in delivering the highest standard of support and customer care to organisations.

    By training staff online, you are reducing the amount of time employees spend away from the office and negating the costs that are associated with this. Everything that is needed to achieve the ITIL qualifications from Foundation through to Expert is delivered online and can be accessed at any time, in any place with an internet connection. By enrolling a group of students together they will benefit from peer support from colleagues and will still have the 24×7 support offered by our dedicated team of tutors and support staff. Any organisation accessing ITIL training with IT Training Zone for five or more employees will benefit from the following:-

    • Preferential pricing: discounts are available when purchasing courses together.
    • Dedicated account manager: an allocated account manager will remain your point of contact throughout the duration of the training. They will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and understand your needs in order to put together the most effective package to suit your organisation
    • Updates of progress: if required, we can supply progress reports letting you know how far each individual has progressed
    • 24×7 support and dedicated Expert qualified tutors
    • Flexible start dates: employees can start their training at a suitable time for them based on their other commitments
    • Location irrelevant! You are able to train staff across the world with the same program, at the same time

    Contact us for further details

  • Corporate Training Portals

    Wisom-iconWe offer different ways to ensure that all your training needs are met. Our corporate training portals provide you with the flexibility to administrate all the training for your organisation. Using your own, exclusive web site, which can contain your company logos, you and your staff can access the full range of IT Training Zone’s ITIL courses. You can set users up instantly so that there are no delays whatsoever in starting training; this really is a completely “on-demand” training option.

    There are two options for corporate portals; you can buy a bulk package of training to “stock” your portal, or you can buy an unlimited usage licence to ensure that all the training that can ever be needed is available. Contact us for further details.

  • Training Packages

    We’ve put together some amazing money saving deals on packages of our Online ITIL training. These are ideal for organisations that need to train multiple people within the company. We know that different organisations have different needs. That’s why any or all of our courses can be included in a tailor made package. We will make sure that we understand your requirements and ensure that a training package is right for you. Training packages contain a minimum of just five courses; please contact us with your requirements to receive a quotation. Some of our most popular packages:

    Package NameFoundation Courses IncludedList PriceYour Deal PriceTotal SavingCost per Person
    Foundation 55$1280
    Foundation 1010$2555$2140$415$214
    Foundation 2525$6385$5000$1385$200
    Foundation 5050$12775$8605$4170$172.10
    Foundation 100100$2554514435$11110$144.35
    Package NameExpert Programs IncludedList PriceYour Deal PriceTotal SavingCost per Person
    Expert 55$11125$9235$1890$1847
    Expert 1010$22255$17795$4460$1779.50
    Expert 2525$55635$42250$13385$1690
    Expert 5050$111300$77825$33475$1556.50
    Expert 100100$222605$127760$94845$1277.60

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  • ITSM Simulations

    Polestar ITSM is a highly participative face-to-face experiential learning experience. Available in a number of industry variants, the Polestar ITM simulation is a powerful way to breakthrough understanding of the benefits of ITSM and ITIL related tools or best practices. It brings to life the behavioural and process issued faced by enterprise IT organisations.

    Read more about our ITSM Simulations here.

  • In Person ITSM Awareness

    Read about our face-to-face ITSM Awareness offerings here.