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Goal Setting

Your Goals are a tool for measuring your progress toward a specific end. MACANTA is here to assist you in making progress towards the achievement of your goals and organisational vision.

Some questions about your Goals

  • When is your vision going to be realised? Two years? Five years? Ten years?
  • Where are you going with your business?  Locally? Regionally? Nationally?
  • How many people will it take to ensure you achieve your vision?
  • What standards will you set for reporting, management, training etc?

MACANTA’s Goal Setting Workshop is designed as a practical and effective way of positioning you for achievement of your goals. We ensure that each goal is prioritised, broken into manageable tasks, has ownership, and a deadline.

“Achievement seems to be connected 
with action. Successful men and 
women keep moving. They make 
mistakes, but they don’t quit.” 
– Conrad Hilton

Critical Success Factors.

Measure your success based on the achievement of your vision and business objectives.  It is important to keep it simple!  Rather than going through the painstaking process of creating complex critical success factors, remember what you want to achieve. If all of your goals are taking you closer day by day to achieving your vision or business objectives, and if all your staff’s KPIs are aligned to the achievement of these, you have your critical success factor – voila!   MACANTA can help you to keep it simple.

What are your priorities as a business owner?  Have you explored your vision and values?  If not, consider a vision & values workshop delivered by MACANTA.  This is an invaluable pre-cursor to your goal setting.   If you already have your vision and values, goal setting is a great way of moving the organisation towards achievement of your vision.

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