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Video Karen’s Conversations #8

In Karen’s conversations #8, Karen talks to Matthew Burrows from BSM Impact about SFIA – Skills Framework for the Information Age. Karen and Matthew explore the benefits of SFIA to both the individual and the organisation and how organisations are using the framework. Karen asks Matthew about a case study in the use of SFIA and they …
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Video BYOD Revolution Means ITSM Evolution

The adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices in the enterprise is gathering momentum. By 2016, Gartner predicts 38% of companies worldwide will have stopped buying devices for employees. Gartner researchers also predict that by 2017, half of employers will require their employees to supply their own devices and that by 2020, 85% of …
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Video Karen’s Conversations #7

In Karen’s Conversations #7 I talk to Simone Moore about life in France and the differences in ITSM between Europe and Australia / New Zealand. We also discuss the upcoming SITS15 conference in London. Links: Simone’s conference blogs: Norway and Sweden Sweden Conference – Simulation Game Panel Conference podcasts from All Things ITSM SITS15 Women in …
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Video Women in IT Week

When Toby Moore asked me to write for ServiceDesk360, he also mentioned that he was in the early planning stages of a Women in IT week for spring 2015. With that in mind and the fact that I had just been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by itSMF Australia, for my contribution to the industry, …
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Video Shift Left! And Then Again!

Karen has written for IT Chronicles. Service Desk 360 recently conducted a Service Desk survey with the purpose being to collect different views and wants across the IT department; from the IT Director to first-line technician, then to compare those views in a helpful and constructive way. In response to the survey question ‘If I …
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Video Karen’s Conversations #6

In Karen’s Conversations #6, I talk to  New Zealanders Tristan Boot and James Gander about changes in the IT/ITSM industry over the last 18 months and where it is going. Links:   … read the full article.

Video Karen’s Conversations #5

Karen talks to Aprill Allen aka. Knowledge Bird about the world of Knowledge Management. Useful links: KCS – Klever – Esteban Kolsky re knowledge stats – ActKM website and discussion list – David Gurteen – Melbourne KM forum – … read the full article.

Video I Am Not Reorganising the Organisation – So I Don’t Need Organisational Change Management!

I wrote an article recently entitled “We Have a Communication Plan – Isn’t That Enough?” which aimed to dispel the myth that Organisational Change Management is just about communications. This led me to thinking about some other myths regarding Organisational Change Management (OCM) that need to be dispelled that I could write about –  so this …
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Video Mirrors, Signal, Manoeuvre

Whilst driving my one-hour freeway journey to my current client, I reflected on one of my constant gripes. Before I continue – I make my apologies to any Australian drivers that may be offended. When I learnt to drive (in the UK), a fundamental lesson was Mirrors, Signal, and Manoeuvre (MSM). This meant that I …
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Video ITSM Solution Projects and OCM

This paper explores the need for organisational change management (OCM) as an integral part of an ITSM solution project i.e. tool implementation. It discusses benefits to be gained from using OCM to prepare the organisation for the change, manage the change and reinforce the change to ensure it becomes embedded into the fabric of the …
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