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Video Who Are My Change Champions?

Most discussions about organisational change management or business transition will include talk of sponsors, change agents and change champions. All are essential elements in successfully implementing and embedding change into the organisation regardless of its size or nature. I have previously written about selecting sponsors and the skills they need. In this post I would …
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Video New Year, New Skills?

It is estimated that over the next few years the skills shortage in IT will grow considerably especially in Cyber Security and Project Management. Companies will need to recognise and fill the gaps in staff knowledge with agility and make sure they have the necessary professional qualifications to keep up with the huge changes in …
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Video Digital Transformation Needs Organisational Change Management

All types of organisations are examining digital transformation. Digital transformation is the integration of modern technology into all aspects of the business bringing about fundamental changes in organisational culture, operations and service delivery. Its aim is to innovate and grow. Such fundamental change requires extensive organisational change management (OCM). It is not an option. OCM …
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Video How Do You Do Digital Transformation?

Can digital transformation happen in organisations that are just not born that way? Some organisations are just born digital. The likes of Amazon, eBay and Australia’s REA Group come to mind. Nigel Dalton, CIO of REA Group, stated that they don’t have a digital strategy because it’s “all we do”. Their businesses have been built …
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Video eco-ITSM – How Do We Use It?

Our approach is to align the eco-ITSM service with your vision, goals and objectives. We will work with you to determine your scope. I have a Green IT project. Why do I still need eco-ITSM? Your Green IT project(s) will most likely include data centre consolidation, virtualisation, recycling, data de-duplication, power management and so on. …
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Video We Need to Talk About eco-ITSM – What is it?

What is it? eco-ITSM is an innovative and effective service offered by Macanta Consulting. It uses best practice IT Service Management to facilitate your sustainability objectives. It assesses the sustainability of your Service Management processes across the lifecycle to minimise costs, reduce waste and reduce carbon emissions. It provides a baseline from which to drive …
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Video Karen’s Conversations #11

  Karen talks to Mark Smalley (@marksmalley) about the Business Information Services Library (BiSL). Useful links: ASL BiSL Foundation: White papers: ITIL-BiSL: SIAM-BiSL: Certification: Framework book: Free download BiSL Pocket Guide: Video BiSL in 3 minutes: … read the full article.

Video Top 5 Reasons Your Organisation Needs eco-ITSM

Many businesses struggle to develop IT and business strategies that work hand in hand with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Often that is because IT tends to focus on technology alone. eco-ITSM brings sustainability across the whole service lifecycle and achieves constructive organisation-wide change.   The eco-ITSM focus is on process. Process improvements that include sustainability …
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Video Karen’s Conversations #8

In Karen’s conversations #8, Karen talks to Matthew Burrows from BSM Impact about SFIA – Skills Framework for the Information Age. Karen and Matthew explore the benefits of SFIA to both the individual and the organisation and how organisations are using the framework. Karen asks Matthew about a case study in the use of SFIA and they …
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Video BYOD Revolution Means ITSM Evolution

The adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices in the enterprise is gathering momentum. By 2016, Gartner predicts 38% of companies worldwide will have stopped buying devices for employees. Gartner researchers also predict that by 2017, half of employers will require their employees to supply their own devices and that by 2020, 85% of …
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