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Video Book Review – Building an ITIL-based Service Management Department

Title: Building an ITIL® – based Service Management Department Author: Malcolm Fry Audience: IT Service Managers tasked with building a service management department Coverage: This book discusses how to build a well-constructed Service Management Department (SMD) by following nine steps. It discusses: the preparation needed before embarking on the project to build a SMD; how …
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Video Book Review – ITIL® Lite

Title: ITIL® Lite Author: Malcolm Fry Audience: This book has a wide audience – from those who are trying to decide whether to apply the guidance in ITIL V3 within their organisation to those who are actively looking to build an ITIL V3 project. The audience could include project managers, project team members, IT planners, …
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Video Book Review – Key Element Guides

Title: Key Element Guides Author: ITIL V3 authoring team – Office of Government Commerce (OGC) Audience: Practitioners, process owners, service managers, consultants, trainers and other service management professionals. Coverage: There are five books in the Key Element Guide suite – one for each of the core ITIL lifecycle publications. Key Element Guide Service Strategy Key …
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Video Karen’s Conversations #7

In Karen’s Conversations #7 I talk to Simone Moore about life in France and the differences in ITSM between Europe and Australia / New Zealand. We also discuss the upcoming SITS15 conference in London. Links: Simone’s conference blogs: Norway and Sweden Sweden Conference – Simulation Game Panel Conference podcasts from All Things ITSM SITS15 Women in …
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Video Karen’s Conversations #6

In Karen’s Conversations #6, I talk to  New Zealanders Tristan Boot and James Gander about changes in the IT/ITSM industry over the last 18 months and where it is going. Links:   … read the full article.

Video Where is the ITIL Fairy?

“Once upon a time…….”  Is that how it starts? “And they lived happily ever after…….”  Is that how it ends? The ITIL Fairy Tale? For some organisations, the ITIL Fairy Tale has come true, and they have reaped the benefits. But how did they achieve it? What happened between “once upon a time” and “happily ever …
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Video How Green is Your ITIL?

Does ITIL enable organisations to address the increasing challenge of growing power consumption and carbon emission reduction? Does ITIL assist organisations in becoming more sustainable? The service management industry is divided. Some say that ITIL Version 3 missed the opportunity to address what is now the decade’s greatest corporate challenge. Others say that organisations can …
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Video Listening to Hear Not Listening to Speak

I recently wrote a blog about the importance of communication within organisational change management and the need for a comprehensive communication plan. I talked about the importance of raising awareness and soliciting opinions by asking. What is even more important is listening. Listening is an art in itself. In my book “Balanced Diversity – A …
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Video The Service Desk ~ 2017 and Beyond

Howard Kendall and Daniel Wood of the Service Desk Institute (SDI) have produced a paper that highlights the vision of both SDI and industry experts, service desk practitioners and managers for the service desk in 2017. It identifies key areas of change and how service desks should develop in coming years to meet the future …
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Video ITSM Antipodean Podcast ~ Episode 15

Incidents, Problems & Chaos – ITSM WEEKLY ANTIPODEAN PODCAST EPISODE 15 from ServiceSphere on Vimeo. Download here Listen on iTunes here Subscribe / listen to all shows on Soundcloud SHOW NOTES Incidents, Problems & Chaos What happens when the bottom of the world chat about IT Service Management. HOSTS for Episode 15:  Simone Moore, Andrew …
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Video ITSM Antipodean Podcast ~ Episode 12

  THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT IN THE ROOM – ITSM WEEKLY ANTIPODEAN PODCAST EPISODE 12 from ServiceSphere on Vimeo. Listen on iTunes here Download the MP3 here SHOW NOTES Month in review Simone, Tristan and Karen discuss the past months highlights and lowlights. Tristan attended Fusion USA Conference and itSMF AGM and returned to Christchurch for the …
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Video Change Management Needs to Change

Earlier this month Forrester issued a report entitled “The State of IT Service Management In 2011”. In conjunction with itSMF USA, Forrester surveyed 491 ITSM professionals and the report of results by Glenn O’Donnell contains a lot of interesting insights. The one that interested me the most was the state of Change Management. Although 95% …
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Video Using ITIL for Non-IT Purposes

There is a lot of talk in various blogs and articles about whether ITIL can be used as guidance for non-IT purposes. For example, There are other frameworks that exist that may be better suited to other parts of an organisation such as USMBOK. However, ITIL has been used for non-IT parts of organisations and …
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