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Coaching & Mentoring

A mentoring program aims to support, encourage and facilitate the development of either all staff, or selected individuals in order to support specific needs within the organisation. These needs may include talent management, succession planning, or staff engagement and retention.

“Come to the edge, he said.  They said: 
we are afraid.  Come to the edge, he 
said.  They came.  He pushed them, 
and they flew…” 
– Guillaume Apollinaire

Coaching is an ideal method of helping someone who is learning a new skill, or has just started in a role.  It is also useful when the organisation is undergoing a change in procedures, or introducing new technology.

Another time to suggest coaching is when areas of improvement have been identified at a performance review.


Mentoring is an ideal means of getting experienced individuals to share their knowledge, wisdom and insights with someone who is seeking professional development. A mentor can be someone within your organisation, or an external individual, depending on the needs of the person seeking a mentor.

The terms coaching and mentoring are often used in place of one another.   It is important to understand some of the subtle differences between coaching and mentoring.

  • Mentors usually have a recognised wealth of experience within the field in which they are advising and supporting others.  Mentoring relationships are often negotiated for a period of up to one year at a time, seeing progress through development in a role or in a career.  It is a relationship based on confidentiality.
  • Coaching is usually designed to assess and improve a particular area, usually performance or skill related, and focuses on issues relating to specific projects or assignments.

Macanta can assist you to achieve your goals through Coaching and Mentoring Whether you want to run an internal mentoring or coaching program, or source external mentors for key individuals.

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