Balanced Diversity

bookIn 2011, Karen Ferris wrote a book called “Balanced Diversity – A Portfolio Approach to Organisational Change’ which introduced a new and innovative approach to embedding change into an organisation and most importantly making sure it sticks.

The approach uses a framework of 59 practices that are grouped into categories that make business sense. The categories are spread across two dimensions – intent and approach. The intent is what you are trying to achieve and the approach is how you are trying to achieve it.

The key to successful organisational change is to select a set of practices from each of the four quadrants of the framework to ensure that there is a balanced yet diverse approach. It is this portfolio approach to organisational change that will make sure the change becomes a part of the fabric of the organisation.

The framework can be applied to operational, tactical and strategic changes of all sizes and complexity.

If you would like more information regarding the framework you can download Karen Ferris’ white paper here.

You can watch Karen presenting the framework here.

The book can be purchased from itSMF Australia bookstore, and other book retailers.

Macanta has embedded the framework into an organisational change methodology called DARE. This ensures that the right practices for the change in hand are chosen from the framework. Read more about DARE.


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