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Process Development

strategyA process is a series of actions, changes and/or functions that bring about a result. Your organisation will continually have new goals and objectives as markets change, the economy changes, customer demographics change and so on. Consequently, your business processes need to be analysed and improved in order to meet new goals and objectives and deliver the results uour organisation needs.

How can I ensure I have effective and efficient processes that support my business needs?
I have done a maturity assessment – now what?
Where do I find the skills and resources to help me design and implement effective processes?
How can I ensure that the impact of change on the organisation is managed?
Will staff buy-in to new or changed processes?

Do you ask yourself any of these questions? If the answer is YES, you need Macanta’s Process Development and Implementation service.

Macanta will help you design and implement effective and efficient processes that meet your business needs. Often, ITIL processes can be challenging to existing departments and individuals as they impose new business rules to already established technical environments. The scale and scope of process improvement projects, resources and expertise required is often underestimated.

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still” – Chinese Proverb


The Macanta approach is one that works with your organisation to obtain buy-in and understanding of new or changed processes from all staff.

Macanta will analyse existing processes and recommend changes as necessary and also design new processes. We ensure that we understand your business needs and drivers, so that the processes underpin them.

We will work with you to determine the scope of the service. Whether you want one or more processes designed or improved is your choice. Macanta has a 5-step approach:

1 – We recommend that you start this journey with a Maturity Assessment so that you have a clear picture of where to start and what your target outcome looks like

2 – Macanta will plan the process development and implementation project; including but not limited to timeframes, resources, and dependencies. Depending on your scope this may include design, development, testing, documentation, staffing, tools, and implementation

3 – Macanta will undertake process design or redesign and work with the organisation to ensure that the solution is owned by the organisation and that staff buy-in to the new processes

4 – Macanta will then implement the process having tested and obtained sign-off from key stakeholders prior to deployment

5 – Macanta will put in place governance and compliance measures around the process so that you can ensure that the process is being followed as designed.  This has a two-fold advantage. It ensures that you get the return on investment from the Process Development and Implementation and that the identified benefits are recognised. It also allows you to identify and service improvement as part of your Continual Service Improvement program that you may wish to act upon.


Depending on your requirements the service can deliver:

  • A maturity Assessment and gap analysis
  • A Project plan
  • Workshops with key stakeholders throughout the project
  • Detailed process specification(s) including process flow-charts, RACI charts and supporting documentation
  • Testing and implementation
  • Deployment
  • Governance
  • Organisational change management


  • In-depth experience in process design and deployment
  • Acknowledged industry expert in IT Service Management with the highest level of ITIL accreditation
  • Proven track record in process improvement
  • Organisational change management expertise
  • Independent and pragmatic approach

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