Change Capability

Sales-icon“There are two views of change – the top-down executive view and the bottom-up employee view. These two challenges can be referred to as organisational change management (from the manager’s perspective) and individual change management (from the employees perspective). Both are skills that today’s leaders need for success” – J.M.Hiatt

With effective change management95% of organisations reported achieving the objectives of the change71% of organisations reported the change stayed on schedule
With poor change management16% of organisations reported achieving the objectives of the change16% of organisations reported the change stayed on schedule

2012 Prosci Best Practices Change Management Benchmarking Report

I need organisational change but what do I do next?
Where do I turn?
How do I value it in order to fund it?
How do I develop a business case?
How do I quantify the risks of poor change management?

Do you ask yourself any of these questions? If the answer is YES, you need Macanta’s NAVIGATOR Change Capability Assessment service.


Macanta uses NAVIGATOR which automates the change capability assessment process therefore minimising the impact on your day-to-day operations. NAVIGATOR is a cloud-based simple and clean survey interface with a sophisticated statistical engine and role based surveys to ensure objective results.

The assessment process consists of the following activities:

  • Assessment configuration  – Navigator is configured in line with the organisations needs
  • Communication to employees  – The change sponsor sends out the communication material provided
  • Data capture  – The online assessment is available to employees to complete in a defined timeframe
  • Draft report   – Navigator consolidates all the finding and generates a draft report instantly
  • Review & validation  – The facilitating consultant will further contextualize the report
  • Detailed investigation – If required, the consultant can also carry out further detailed investigations required based upon the assessment results
  • Final report   – Upon sponsor review and feedback, the final report is produced and delivered

Click here to read more more: Navigator Change Management Capability V2.0


The Change Capability Assessment results in a summary report detailing the risks, issues and opportunities for the assessed change from the following perspectives:

  • The urgency for change
  • Sponsorship and leadership
  • Project and change management practices
  • Organizational readiness
  • The employee perspective on change – this perspective can provide insights across an organisation, enabling the change/project management team to develop change tactics applicable to both employees and their managers

The assessment provides the employee’s:

  • Perspective of change
  • Commitment to the organisation
  • Managers perception of employees
  • View of team work
  • Use of information and personnel systems

This report allows an organisation to identify what they need to focus on to improve the likelihood of the desired change being successful


  • Benefit of a best practice approach
  • Organisational change expertise
  • Ability to quickly understand the risks, issues and opportunities to a change initiative
  • The evidence you need to formally incorporate organisational change as part of your change initiative
  • The evidence you need to justify investing in organisational change as part of initiative
  • Engine automation allows you to do this much faster than any manual approach

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