Skills & Capability

Sales-iconYou are only as good as the people on your team. It is not only about having the right skills and competencies within your team, but it also about the development, growth, and fulfilment of your staff.  A Skills and Capability Assessment provides you with the knowledge you need to ensure that you have a highly effective workforce.

Do I have the right people in the right roles?
Do my staff have the skills and capabilities that they and the organisation need?
How do I develop a competency model for the various service management roles in my organisation?
How can I motivate staff to add to their skills and competencies?
Do I have job descriptions that truly reflect the roles I need to ensure I get the right people in those positions?
How can I budget for training requirements when I don’t know what they are?
What if my key staff move on from their current position? How do I ensure that I have continuity?

Do you ask yourself any of these questions? If the answer is YES, you need Macanta’s Skills and Capability Assessment service.

Macanta will provide you with an assessment of your roles, required skills and competencies, current capability, gap analysis, career paths and job descriptions for effective recruitment and deployment. We can also identify your succession planning requirements.

“If you could kick the man responsible for most of your troubles, you wouldn’t sit down for a week” – Arnold Bennett


Macanta will work with you to determine the scope and depth of the assessment and the outcomes that you want to achieve.

We will review your current skill base and provide you with job descriptions, skills and competencies required for each of the roles as well as a gap analysis, training and succession planning requirements.

We will conduct a training needs analysis whereby existing jobs are analysed, staff current skills and knowledge are analysed, skill/knowledge gaps identified, appropriate training solutions identified and performance evaluated after training.

Macanta can also assist you with your staff selection process.


Macanta will provide you with:

  • A clear understanding of each role and the skills and competencies required to carry out that role effectively
  • The ability for staff to understand their role and the skills and competencies required both for their current position and future positions on their career path
  • The capability to determine future training requirements and associated cost
  • An understanding of current and future demand for training which enables effective negotiation with service providers and attainment of the most cost-effective solution
  • The ability to undertake a gap analysis of current capability and required capability
  • A sound basis for effective performance management, review and people development
  • The knowledge as to whether you have the right people in the right roles
  • The identification of succession planning requirements


  • In-depth knowledge of IT Service Management roles and responsibilities
  • Extensive experience in people leadership, management, and staff development
  • Practical experience in the development of job descriptions and competency models

Note: This service can be offered as an independent service or as a complimentary service to the  Macanta ITSM Assessment.

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