News Archives February, 2017

  • Karen’s Conversations #21 With Malini Jayaganesh27/02/17

    Im talking with Malini Jayaganesh about her Business Relationship Management (BRM) journey, the challenges she faced and how she overcame them. Watch the video.…Read the full article.
  • Book Review – IT Tools for the Business when the Business is IT22/02/17

    Title: IT Tools for the Business when the Business is IT – Selecting and Implementing IT Service Management Tools Author: Robert Falkowitz Audience: IT Service Managers, Project Managers, Architects, Strategists and anyone else within an organisation tasked with the selection of ITSM tools. Coverage: This book discusses how to successfully select and deploy an ITSM […]…Read the full article.
  • Book Review – Enterprise Release Management22/02/17

    Title: Enterprise Release Management – Agile Delivery of a Strategic Change Portfolio ISBN: 13: 978-1-60807-168-5 Author: Louis J. Taborda Audience: This book targets different stakeholders across the ‘enterprise release lifecycle’ offering different insights to each whilst maintaining a coherent vision that aims to bring these often misaligned silos together. The audience includes business and IT […]…Read the full article.
  • Book Review – Building an ITIL-based Service Management Department22/02/17

    Title: Building an ITIL® – based Service Management Department Author: Malcolm Fry Audience: IT Service Managers tasked with building a service management department Coverage: This book discusses how to build a well-constructed Service Management Department (SMD) by following nine steps. It discusses: the preparation needed before embarking on the project to build a SMD; how […]…Read the full article.
  • Book Review – ABC of ICT22/02/17

    Title: ABC of ICT Author: Paul Wilkinson and Jan Schilt Audience: This publication is aimed at any ITSM professional who is looking to make their ITSM initiatives a success. It is aimed at those needing guidance on they way in which the ‘Attitude’, the ‘Behaviour’ and the ‘Culture’ within the world of ICT and all […]…Read the full article.
  • Book Review – ITIL® Lite22/02/17

    Title: ITIL® Lite Author: Malcolm Fry Audience: This book has a wide audience – from those who are trying to decide whether to apply the guidance in ITIL V3 within their organisation to those who are actively looking to build an ITIL V3 project. The audience could include project managers, project team members, IT planners, […]…Read the full article.
  • Book Review – Key Element Guides22/02/17

    Title: Key Element Guides Author: ITIL V3 authoring team – Office of Government Commerce (OGC) Audience: Practitioners, process owners, service managers, consultants, trainers and other service management professionals. Coverage: There are five books in the Key Element Guide suite – one for each of the core ITIL lifecycle publications. Key Element Guide Service Strategy Key […]…Read the full article.
  • Book Review – The Service Catalog – A Practitioner Guide22/02/17

    Title: The Service Catalog – A Practitioner Guide Author: Mark O’Loughlin Audience: This book is squarely focused on the Service Catalogue practitioner – including both those that are looking to develop service catalogues for the first time and those looking to improve their current offering. Coverage: This book provides comprehensive coverage of the subject matter […]…Read the full article.
  • Book Review – ITIL V3 Small Scale Implementation22/02/17

    Title: ITIL® V3 Small-scale Implementation Author: Sharon Taylor and Ivor Macfarlane Audience: This publication is aimed at those working in or with small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). However, as you will see from the commentary I believe that the content is also relevant and beneficial to large-scale organisations. Coverage: This book covers the entire […]…Read the full article.
  • Book Review – Plus! The Standard + Case Approach22/02/17

    Title: PLUS! The Standard+Case Approach Author: Rob England Audience: Anyone who has anything to do with responding to situations when providing a service. Coverage: Standard + Case applies to anything that requires a response – there’s either a standard response or there isn’t. Level: Beginner – advanced. Karen’s Comment: I must admit to being sceptical […]…Read the full article.