News Archives January, 2017

  • Karen’s Conversations #19 with Michi Tyson27/01/17

    The second in two¬†great conversations with Michi Tyson about boosting your process improvement. We talk about retrospectives, icebergs, hypothesis, co-creation and much more. Watch the video.…Read the full article.
  • Who Are My Change Champions?24/01/17

    Most discussions about organisational change management or business transition will include talk of sponsors, change agents and change champions. All are essential elements in successfully implementing and embedding change into the organisation regardless of its size or nature. I have previously written about selecting sponsors and the skills they need. In this post I would […]…Read the full article.
  • Karen’s Conversations #18 with Michi Tyson20/01/17

    Boost Your Process Improvement – Part 1. Karen talks to Michi Tyson about agile, systems thinking, complexity theory, experiential learning and much more. Watch the video here.…Read the full article.
  • New Year, New Skills?15/01/17

    It is estimated that over the next few years the skills shortage in IT will grow considerably especially in Cyber Security and Project Management. Companies will need to recognise and fill the gaps in staff knowledge with agility and make sure they have the necessary professional qualifications to keep up with the huge changes in […]…Read the full article.