News Archives September, 2016

  • Macanta Training Newsletter #529/09/16

    Training Newsletter #5 – September 29 2016 Welcome to the Macanta Training Newsletter. We would like to continue sharing with you an overview of some of our new training offerings. We are hoping this will be helpful as you navigate your journey to becoming a skilled professional with qualifications that are in demand, not just now, […]…Read the full article.
  • Book Review – Service Management Online27/09/16

    I recently did a book review of ‘Service Management Online – Creating a Successful Service Request Catalogue’ by Phyllis Drucker for TSO. This is what I said. “Whether you are starting on your service request catalogue journey or looking to improve your existing service request catalogue – STOP NOW – read this book first. This […]…Read the full article.
  • “Come with me and we’ll see a world of pure imagination” – Willy Wonka21/09/16

    Imagine this……..and then turn it into a reality! Your internal customer and IT personnel are expressing dissatisfaction with the incident management process. There is a long list of things they believe need to be improved. The Process Owner collects all of the requirements from all stakeholders as user stories in the following format.   As […]…Read the full article.
  • The Future of the Service Desk08/09/16

    Claire Agutter talks to Karen and other industry experts about the future of the Service Desk – Service Desk 2020. Watch the video here.…Read the full article.