Shift Left! And Then Again!03/04/15

Road signsKaren has written for IT Chronicles.

Service Desk 360 recently conducted a Service Desk survey with the purpose being to collect different views and wants across the IT department; from the IT Director to first-line technician, then to compare those views in a helpful and constructive way.

In response to the survey question ‘If I only had one wish…….’ the overall responses from the Service Desk Analyst, Service Desk Manager and IT Director were as follows:

Service Desk Analyst: ‘I wish were given the opportunity to do more than just fix problems and take IT requests’
Service Desk Manager: ‘I wish the service desk was held in higher regard within the IT department’
IT Director: ‘I wish the service desk provided more proactive and preventative support’

My response to all of those wishes is Shift Left.

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