News Archives June, 2014

  • BYOD Concerns? Time to Dust Off the ITIL Service Strategy Book27/06/14

    At this year’s itSMF Australia LEADIT14 Conference I am speaking about what the BYOD revolution means for ITSM evolution. I will be looking at each of the 26 ITIL processes and how they will need to change or adapt in the face of BYOD. Whether we like it or not, BYOD is here to stay. […]…Read the full article.
  • Macanta Moments #416/06/14

    In our series of Macanta Moments over the years, highlighting the best of the blogs, posts and resources, this is Moment Number 4. Back in 2010 I was inspired by the “129 Cardinal Sins” by four-star chef Eric Ripert published in his book “On The Line” which provides a specific set of rules for his staff. […]…Read the full article.