News Archives May, 2014

  • What about those who were not born digital?30/05/14

    Some organisations are just born digital. The likes of Amazon, eBay and Australia’s REA Group come to mind. At a recent CMO-CIO Customer Experience breakfast forum discussing digital strategies aimed at improving customer experience, Nigel Dalton CIO of REA Group stated that they don’t have a digital strategy because it’s “all we do”. But what […]…Read the full article.
  • Macanta Moments #328/05/14

    In our series of Macanta Moments over the years, highlighting the best of the blogs, posts and resources, this is Moment Number 3.…Read the full article.
  • Shadow IT – No Longer In the Shadows27/05/14

    I am hearing many interpretations of what Shadow IT is and means. A recent conversation on Twitter revealed the various interpretations. So what do I believe Shadow IT is? I believe Shadow IT is about systems or solutions being used within an organisation without any approval from corporate IT or even any knowledge of it. […]…Read the full article.
  • Seven Reminders Why We Need ITSM27/05/14

    A recent article in called ‘Seven Reminders the World Runs on IT’ illustrated how IT systems have become so ingrained in every aspect of our day-to-day lives and the impact that failure can have. When I read the article my mind retitled it to ‘Seven Reminders Why We Need ITSM’. I suggest you read […]…Read the full article.
  • This Project is Sponsored by ??????16/05/14

    The 2014 edition of Best Practices in (Organisational) Change Management from Prosci highlights in its 8th consecutive study, that active and visible sponsorship is once again the greatest contributor to organisational change success. The greatest obstacle to success was identified as ‘Ineffective change management sponsorship’. By a two to one margin, the top suggestion from […]…Read the full article.