News Archives December, 2013

  • TFT14 – IT Service Management Monopoly08/12/13

    This presentation highlights the fact that many organisations approach ITSM tool selection like a game of Monopoly. This is evident by the number of organisations that replace a technology within 2-3 years of purchase. How many times are they going to keep passing GO only to find that each time they do, they end up in jail with no ‘get out of jail free’ card? It aims to save organisations time and money by ensuring that (1) when considering tool replacement they make sure they really need a different tool and (2) when a new tool really is required, they undertake the necessary pre-work to ensure that the selected tool meets the current and future needs of the business.…Read the full article.
  • CEO Axelos Interview05/12/13

    Peter Hepworth, CEO Axelos, recently visited Australia and took part in two itSMFA Q&A sessions in Sydney and Melbourne. Whilst in Melbourne Gerard Norsa conducted an interview with Peter which you can watch here.…Read the full article.
  • ITSM Antipodean Podcast – Episode 4005/12/13

    In episode 40 of the ITSM Antipodean Podcast, Karen, Simone and Tristan talk to Nanyi Gong from Laidlaw College about using service management outside of IT. Listen here.…Read the full article.